Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mayor Ford Defeats City Council's Shameless Left & Disposes of TCHC Board!

Did you hear that screeching sound last night around midnight? I heard it, and I haven't heard anything so pleasant in my life... In case you're wondering, that was the sound of Toronto City Council's Left squealing as they were effectively dismissed into permanent political irrelevance by Super Mayor Rob Ford and Toronto City Council's responsible Councillors. Toronto City Council voted 25-18 in favour of dissolving the TCHC Board (see: CC6.1 Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board of Directors for the official results and further information).

Last night's vote, which took place after 6 hours of shameless showboating by the likes of Adam Vaughan, Pam McConnell, Janet Davis, Gord Perks, Joe Mihevc, Glenn De Baeremaeker, Josh Matlow and Paula Fletcher (just to name a few of Toronto's tax-spend-and-waste Left who were bitching last night), was more than just the successful completion of Mayor Ford's duty as our chief defender-of-the-taxpayers to rid us of an irresponsible TCHC Board (though admittedly, Maria Augimeri and Raymond Cho really did not take part in the scandal, and should be reinstated, though after their recent behaviour I wouldn't be surprised if they're not), but also added the icing to the cake by essentially displaying that our Council's Left Wing truly has no power anymore at City Hall, and they may as well just resign at this moment, as this is how it's going to be for them for the rest of their careers in Toronto Municipal Politics.

It's over scumbags. Go and cry me a river... Maybe David Miller will take you on in his old Law Firm (see: Miller returns to his pre-city hall law firm). At least there somebody might actually listen to your irrelevant rhetoric.

Now, unlike many of the people who sat there and watched in pain the entire 6 hour affair of Leftist Councillors blowing smoke up each others' asses, I actually enjoyed it! :) Watching Adam Vaughan going on and on pretending like he cares about anything other than challenging Rob Ford, truly was entertaining. Actually, watching each and every one of Council's Lefties tagging each other in, and setting each other up via motion after motion after motion to say the same nonsensical crap over and over, it was so much fun! I would watch it again. Seriously, I would definitely watch that again before sitting through the torture that was Avatar (see: Am I the only person who thought that Avatar was Boring??)... Oh, and by the way, in case you wanted to watch the video of this City Council Meeting, you can find it at: - Toronto City Council - March 9, 2011.

What was really funny was hearing them complain about not having information about the Auditor's report, and not getting an opportunity to question the Auditor about it. Meanwhile, everyone else in this city who wanted to see the report had read the entire report from end-to-end already as it has been readily available online for a while now (see: Toronto Community Housing Corp. (TCHC) Board & Staff Swam in "Gravy" for the links to the report pdfs), and when Council had the opportunity to question the Auditor about the report, first they spent the entire time trying to discredit him (as if he did something wrong by producing these findings) instead getting info about the actual report (see: James: Attacking city’s auditor to get at Ford is wrong), and then they voted against Mayor Ford's request to have that discussion. They even had the opportunity to attend the TCHC Board Meeting where they went through the report, but none of them attended (see: City Hall's clearly defined battle lines). I mean, seriously, who are these idiots trying to fool? Themselves? Maybe their constituents who should be wondering why they voted these idiots into Council, possibly?

And what was even more fun, was watching the actors that Council's Left brought in from the various unions and etc., pretending to actually care about the TCHC Tenants, but in actuality being more bored out there than anyone else in Council Chambers. Watching them struggling to stay seated on those hard stands and not fall asleep was priceless. "We are not for sale!!" some of them chanted. That was just classic! Do these idiots even know what they're talking about? Apparently not.

Anyway, for someone like me who was just horrified by the way that these Councillors ran things with captain tax-and-spend David Miller at the helm, it was just so satisfying to watch them squirm as they truly realized that they are powerless. I mean, the plant watering staff have more power now at City Hall than Adam Vaughan and his band of misfits do... At least they can decide which plans to water! :)

Now that the TCHC Board has been officially dissolved, the next step is to dump that criminal CEO and ex-COO Keiko Nakamura in the trash. It's funny, Keiko pretends to actually care about the TCHC and their Tenants, and she's done a great job at manipulating the Tenants into believing just that. But truly, the only reason she still has not resigned yet is to make sure that she gets a fat severance package from the city when they fire her. Do you really think that she cares? Come on... If she truly cares, let's see if she takes that severance package which will come out of the TCHC Tenants' funding. She already makes a large salary with who knows the amount of bonuses, and she's been milking the TCHC Funds either directly or indirectly for years as was shown the Auditor's reports, so it's not like she needs the money. This will be the true test to see what she's really all about.

Congratulations Super Mayor Rob Ford! We, the people of Toronto, are 100% behind you! Keep up the great work!


Screenshot from City of Toronto website of TCHC Board Removal Vote Result at

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