Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TCHC Tenants Manipulated Into Thinking Things Are Fine at TCHC?

Relax, it's a question, not a statement...

But really, have the TCHC Tenants been manipulated into thinking that things are fine at the TCHC? Especially when before the recent TCHC scandal emerged after the release of the Auditor's report (proving that things aren't fine), the majority of TCHC tenants were up-in-arms with the constant failures of the organization with respect to their living conditions...

I mean, how does this supposed tenant outrage over Super Mayor Rob Ford's call for the resignation of the entire board (including the tenant-elected members) make any sense whatsoever?

These are the people that screwed you! Seriously, help us help you, you know what I mean?

This outrage is more likely the result of a campaign of manipulation that's being quietly delivered by the remaining 4 TCHC Board Members, Leftist City Councillors Maria Augimeri and Raymond Cho, as well as the tenant-elected Board Members Catherine Wilkinson and Dan King. The scare tactics that they're pushing on the TCHC Tenants are simple: Rob Ford is on a mission to end the Community Housing in Toronto, and if that happens, you will be out on the street. We are your only remaining defenders. If you get rid of us, you're screwed! Oooooooh, watch out for Mayor Ford, oooooooooh... A sad, sad tactic being employed by a group of scumbags desperately trying to hold onto their jobs.  It almost reminds me of a certain Libyan dictator who is blaming this recent rebellion on hallucinogenic drugs delivered to rebels via drinks with Al-Qaeda behind it.  Nothing but nonsensical rhetoric, all meant to be used to scare the public into submission...

Unfortunately what's really going on is the exploitation of the TCHC tenants by Toronto City Council's Left in order to make a show of power over Mayor Rob Ford, teaching him a lesson that he's not invincible and can be stopped by the lefties whenever they feel like it. And as much as that is not true for Councils tax-and-spend left (as they are the minority now in City Council and will lose the vote every time that only a majority is needed), it is also unfortunate for the Tenants, as Mayor Ford is only trying to help them, and they unawaringly are doing everything they can to stop him from doing so.

In someways, I feel like, you know what, if this is what the tenants want, then this is what the tenants deserve. But in other ways, I know they are being peddled fear by Council's left, and they're response is only natural when faced with fear mongering by a corrupt group of scumbag Councillors and Board Members who apparently have no morals whatsoever.

If the TCHC Board cannot be completely refreshed with new Board Members with a completely new purpose and philosophy, things will not change for the TCHC Tenants. All of their funds will continue to be misspent and misused, and they will continue to live in a nightmare.


PS: I'm not saying that Councillors Augimeri and Cho should not get reappointed (as they just started in the roles), but they should have stepped down and then been reappointed in a showing of solidarity against the previously scandal-plagued Board. Instead they made this a fight against Rob Ford, instead of a fight for the TCHC tenants, and for that, once they are forcefully removed after the City Council's Executive Committee puts it to a majority vote in Council, they should be kept as far away from the TCHC as possible.

(Image: by Diego_3336 on flickr


CheeMiss said...

As always in politics, career politicians have to make their mark via a recorded objection.

It looks like Councillors Augimeri and Cho have higher, future aspirations in the political arena's opposition party.

You are correct Jack, it would have been the right thing for ALL MP's to show intolerance & that they are on the same page, "TO FINALLY CLEAN UP CITY HALL & RESPECT FOR TAXPAYERS!

hahahah, They are just cutting their own political throats on this one......time's a changing.
"The people are mad as Hell and Won't take it anymore" movement is here & it will grow at such a rapid speed the cocky liberal thieves won't know what hit them.

The "Ford Nation" is History in the Making!

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