Thursday, March 24, 2011

Statistic: Median Net Worth by Age & By Annual Income - Are You On Track?

It's natural for people to wonder how they measure up against everyone else when it comes to what their Net Worth is when they're at a certain Age, or what their Net Worth is when they're making a certain Annual Income. I know I do sometimes...

Well, it turns out that Neilsen Claritas performed a study which measured this in the United States, and CNN Money created a great calculator as a part of their Retirement Calculators which shows the Median value (Wikipedia: Median) for Net Worth (Wikipedia: Net Worth) by Age and by Annual Income.

I thought it was pretty handy, so I figured I would share it with you.

The CNN Net Worth by Age and Income Calculator can be found at the following site:
Net Worth: How do you stack up?

I took the liberty of creating 2 tables that show what the Median Net Worth is both by Age and by Annual Income, based on the values provided by the CNN Money Calculator (to save you the trouble of having to test each out on your own):



So, how do you measure up? Are you on track? Are you behind? Are you ahead?

I would tell you where I stand to get your sympathy, but I'm sure you have your own problems... ;)


(Image: by khrawlings on flickr


ripley1 said...

Fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to break it down and share it. Love it. Whether we're behind, on top of, or exceeding their projections...isn't it strange how we've been actuaried... age, net worth, etc. Do you think this is why Mega-multi-national Corps in the US are giving up on the West as a market, and moving to the East?

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind the original source is a marketing research firm. The Federal Reserve Board survey and the U.S. Census are considered more reliable. The Fed survey of consumer finances also breaks it down by home equity, financial assets, and other classes of assets (like a share in your own business), which gives you a clearer picture. Another measure -- how many months of basic living expenses do you have in cash or short-term T bonds/bond funds? IOW, how long are you sure you can live if you were to have no income at all? Sometimes that tells you more than "net worth." Especially if you are really young!

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