Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toronto's Leftist City Councillors Perversely Punish Torontonians via the TEYCC

(Wendy Hymus' House in Ward 22 where her request to have a parking pad installed was rejected by the TEYCC.)

Talk about sore losers...

In a lame attempt to punish Torontonians for removing any remaining power that Toronto City Council's Leftist tax-spend-and-waste contingent have in the city, Councillors like Gord Perks and Adam Vaughan have chosen to use the Toronto and East York Community Council (TEYCC) as a tool to make applicable constituents the proverbial whipping-boys on which to unleash their payback in the form of parking pad request rejections (among other things).

Torontonians residing in the Wards within the realm of the TEYCC are facing a firing squad of Leftist Councillors who make every attempt to reject their requests for parking pads on their properties, simply because Toronto Mayor Rob Ford won the election with one of the goals being to end the war on the car, and therefore, by rejecting these requests from car owners, they are winning a small victory against Rob Ford, meanwhile causing a massive loss for the TEYCC constituents.

Car owners in these applicable Wards require parking pads (parking spaces constructed on their properties, sometimes above grassed areas on their front lawn) for all kinds of reasons ranging from disability issues, to security concerns about having to park countless blocks away and having to walk home at late hours of the night, to concerns with having to make their small children have to endure this long trek, simply because they cannot install this parking pad on their own property.  But, when residents raise these issues with the TEYCC Council representatives, instead of looking out for Torontonians and trying to help them with their problems (as they were elected to do), they instead do everything they can to make life harder for these constituents, a truly perverse and scumbag move.

Here is a related story from the Toronto Sun:

Car-hating councillors strike again: Levy
Wendy Hymus came to Toronto and East York Community Council (TEYCC) on Jan. 18 pleading for permission to create a parking spot in the front yard of her midtown semi-detached home.

The single Grade 1 teacher told councillors safety is a “significant concern” for her especially at night when she has to walk from whatever spot she finds in her Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood.

To add insult to injury, her street does not offer permit parking — meaning she forever risks a $15 parking ticket if she parks on it for too long.

“There are no other parking options for me,” she told community council that day.

Hymus, 40, already had an interlocking walkway built to city specifications and only needed to extend that by about one metre to have room to park her Mazda 3 on the front-yard pad.

The city’s own report also noted there are six properties already licensed for front-yard parking on her street. A poll of the neighbours in the area found some 80% were in favour of allowing Hymus to create the parking pad.

She also promised to ensure the city tree on her front yard — a maple — would not be damaged in any way.

But that did not satisfy the leftist contingent on the TEYCC — whose loss of power at City Hall has not dampened their zeal to banish every car they can from this city.

Hymus lost her bid on a 5-5 vote.

“I think it left me a little bit bitter,” she said Wednesday. “I hoped there would have been a little more understanding with my safety concerns.”

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

The following month at TEYCC, a neighbour who lives three doors down from Hymus won his bid to install a front-yard parking pad. The same circumstances were involved including a potentially compromised city tree in close proximity to the pad.

The bid squeezed through 6-5.

Why? Because one of the anti-parking pad leftists had slipped out of the room to the washroom during the vote.

“It’s frustrating,” said Hymus. “I was left thinking why is there not a general policy ... there should be consistency on how they deal with it.”

Oh but there is a policy.

That policy, at least for the anti-car contingent on the TEYCC, is not to approve a single front-yard parking pad no matter the circumstances — unless an applicant happens to catch a break when one of them takes a bathroom break.

Families with small children, those with health conditions or existing parking pads before they rebuilt their homes, even those who’ve taken time to find environmentally friendly solutions for their pads — all of them be damned because they have the audacity to drive cars.

I watched three applications go down to defeat in a row at this past week’s TEYCC — led by the council’s smug chairman, Gord Perks, who has discovered this is one way he can flex his muscles now that his feckless leader, David Miller, is no longer in power.

One of the applicants even had to sit through the insufferable Adam Vaughan who insisted he and his leftist pals have been “begging, pleading, demanding, asking, requesting” that his colleagues on TEYCC who support any and all front-yard parking pads (sniff, sniff) come forth with “criteria” for approving them.

I found the details of Wendy Hymus's case on the City of Toronto website at the following link: TE3.17 - Front Yard Parking Appeal – 14 Petman Avenue. Feel free to take a look if you are interested.

The Toronto & East York Community Council (see: - Toronto & East York Community Council) spans across the following Wards, and is controlled by the following Toronto City Councillors:

Ward 14 - Gord Perks - TEYCC Committee Chair
Ward 18 - Anna Bailao
Ward 19 - Mike Layton
Ward 20 - Adam Vaughan
Ward 21 - Joe Mihevc
Ward 22 - Josh Matlow
Ward 27 - Kristyn Wong-Tam
Ward 28 - Pam McConnell
Ward 29 - Mary Fragedakis
Ward 30 - Paula Fletcher - TEYCC Committee Vice-Chair
Ward 31 - Janet Davis
Ward 32 - Mary-Margaret McMahon

As you can see, the obvious scumbag Leftist City Councillors are present on this list, like TEYCC Committee Chair Gord Perks, Vice-Chair Paula Fletcher, Adam Vaughan, Pam McConnell, Janet Davis and Joe Mihevc.  Throw in newbie lefties like Mike Layton into the mix, and getting anything passed through this committee that would be in the best interests of TEYCC constituents, is pretty much impossible.

Unfortunately, in reviewing the records of the TEYCC Vote Results for these parking pad requests, it doesn't show which Councillors voted for or against the requests (lucky for them), but you can be pretty sure that those Councillors singled out above were most likely the naysayers.

People who wonder why Mayor Rob Ford and other City Councillors like him were at such odds with these Leftist Scumbag City Councillors who were running the show when David Miller was in charge, only need to look to the horror stories of the constituents who voted them into office to understand why.

I still remember Councillor Paula Fletcher scolding Torontonians when they asked simple questions about the budget last year. She challenged them to run against her in the election if they didn't like how she did things. Unfortunately when they did challenge her, she still won (by a very small margin, but still).

Until Torontonians realize that these Leftist Councillors are not in it for them, but truly are only looking to push their own selfish agendas, these travesties will continue to happen. Sadly for the Wards under the TEYCC, this is going to be their reality for the next few years -and longer if they don't vote differently next time.


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CheeMiss said...

And to add insult to injury, after you spend $1-2 Thousand dollars, creating their version of an eco-friendly pad, they charge you double the yearly rate to park on your own property as opposed to parking on the street.
OBJECTIVE: Make the car owners suffer enough to give up their cars. Yet, how many cars are in the families of these so called councillors???

ripley1 said...

Aren't elected representatives supposed to help their constituents? Obviously, these councillors are not impartial enough.
Politicians are only people, who may or may not have a specialty such as law or social work, and then as elected representatives they're supposed to make decisions about EVERYTHING?

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