Thursday, June 3, 2010

CP24: Regular Folks Who Download Odd Song - "We're Actually OK"

If you caught CP24@8 at around 8:39pm tonight, then you heard CP24's Rena Heer say -when discussing the Tories new Copyright Bill- that regular folks who download the odd song are actually ok.

And believe me, when I heard that, I stopped everything else that I was doing, and I rewinded on my PVR and replayed it over and over just to be sure.

I captured the relevant part of the news report text below (exact text):

Rena Heer:

"For the time being and this seems to be the bigger question, is what about regular people just like us who download the odd song? Well they're saying that Regular Folk who download the occasional song, we're actually ok. Jee.

Jee Yun Lee:

Well that's good because I know a lot of people who love doing that!

Now, I have a hard time believing that what she's saying is true, but if it is true, I'm sure many Canadian Illegal Music Downloaders will be thrilled about that!

Still, I'm pretty sure CP24 is wrong... I don't know...

I'll leave it to you readers. If anyone knows whether CP24 is correct in it's statement that downloading the occasional song is actually ok (legally) for regular people (non-commercial), then please feel free to make a comment and let us know.


Picture of TV Showing CP24 at 8:39pm on June 2nd, 2010

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