Monday, June 14, 2010

Ziplock Bag Filled with Water & Pennies Repels Flies & Wasps!

Apparently, there is a new tactic (well, new to me) that people are using in order to repel pesky flies and wasps from getting into their homes/restaurants/stores. It literally only costs a few pennies, and supposedly it works wonders! Not to mention, it doesn't involve the usage of any pesticides...

Basically, all you have to do is take a ziplock baggie, fill it half-way with water, and then toss a few clean and shiney pennies into the bag. Next, take the baggie, and hang it near all of the entry-ways to your areas where you want to repel the flies and wasps, and that's it.

I looked up why this method works, and I found the following explanation at

How to Get Rid of Flies
Hanging a clear plastic bag half filled with water and a few pennies works to keep flies and other winged things away – here’s why:

Water, itself, has zillions of molecules that all reflect light.

Add reflective pennies and even more light is reflected for a mirror ball effect.

A flies eyes (and many other winged things’ eyes) are like mirror balls themselves.

So when the flies - or other winged creatures - see the water molecules reflecting light on top of the pennies, which in turn reflect even more light in the water – the flies basically get dizzy per se from all of the reflective properties and keep their distance.

A couple of weeks ago when I was able to steal a day to get away to a cottage (see Random Nature Shots from Beautiful Ontario...), I really could have used this tactic, as the black flies were in a rage around the Q-Barb (or BBQ for those who are not fluent in jackandcokewithalime speak)...

Anyway, good to know... :)


(Image: by diaper on flickr