Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rob Ford's Message to Supporters in Response to 'Set Up' Attempt...

An HIV-positive man who was introduced to Rob Ford by a Toronto Star reporter, tried to discredit and set up Ford via a recorded phone conversation, where he begged Ford to try and score some OxyContin (a narcotic pain reliever) for him since his doctor refused to give him any more.

Dieter Doneit-Henderson apparently had a 52-minute long phone conversation with Rob Ford during which he threatened Ford indirectly, telling him things like, "I can see your house from here". He also told him that he knows where Ford's entire family lives, leaving Ford worried for the safety of his close ones.

Ford played along with the psychotic Doneit-Henderson, telling him basically that he'll look into it for him, and trying over and over to get off the phone without offending Doneit-Henderson. Ford later commented that he had an inkling that Doneit-Henderson was recording the conversation, and basically said what he wanted to hear.

It should be no surprise that after the conversation was finished, Doneit-Henderson immediately went ahead and sent the recorded conversation to the Toronto Star reporter that introduced them...

Ford sent a message out to all of his supporters after this ordeal, and I've included that message below for your review.

But first, here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Ford feels 'set up' by drug tape
City hall’s “enfant terrible” — mayoralty candidate Rob Ford — insists he only was trying to help someone in trouble when he offered to try to find an HIV-positive man some OxyContin on the street.

“I personally feel sorry for him ... he needs help... he needs something,” Ford said Wednesday.

The highly questionable offer comes out in a 52-minute conversation Ford had with Dieter Doneit-Henderson on the evening of June 4 — a tape of which was obtained by the Toronto Sun.

In it, the 30-year-old gay married man admits to having taken 14 mg of OxyContin, a powerful and addictive pain killer, and 150 mg of Fentynal a day to deal with the pain of a fractured rib and fibromyalgia.

After revealing to Ford that the last doctor he had gone to refused to give him more OxyContin, the councillor at first suggests he get it on the street.

Later in the conversation Doneit-Henderson asks if Ford himself can find him some OxyContin, and Ford responds more than once that he’ll try, asking how much it goes for on the street.

“Why don’t you go on the street and score it?” Ford says in the tape.

When the man suggests he needs only two or three or four of the pills to “kill the pain,” Ford asks him to leave it with him and he’ll “ask people on the street” to see what he can do.

At one point, Doneit-Henderson presses Ford for help.

“Can you find OyxContin for me, Rob?”

Ford says “Huh?” and Doneit-Henderson repeats himself.

“Can you find OxyContin so I can get on the medication, so I can ...”

Ford interupts. “I’ll try buddy, I’ll try ...”

As Doneit-Henderson continues to press, Ford suggests he’ll go to his doctor and ask “people on the street to see what’s going on ...”

“Leave this with me ... I have no idea. I don’t know any drug dealers at all,” he said. “I’ll bet my life I won’t be able to help you out ... because I’ve never done this kind of s--t.”

Wednesday, Ford told the Sun he never intended to actually purchase drugs for Doneit-Henderson.

“I feel set up,” he said, suggesting someone’s out to get him because he’s in first place in the most recent polls. “I went above and beyond to try to help him.”

Ford said he was introduced to the man on May 10 by a Toronto Star reporter.

Ford contacted MPP Donna Cansfield for her help with finding the man a doctor.

He said he told the man whatever he wanted to hear in the 52-minute conversation because it started to concern him that Doneit-Henderson knew where he lived with his young family and was starting to become more threatening.

Ford said he was “playing along” and tried to get him off the phone five or six times.

“I just basically said what he wanted to hear,” Ford said, insisting he’s not into the drug scene and would never score.

Ford said he had an inkling the man was taping the conversation — something that was confirmed in a June 9 e-mail to Doug Ford from Dieter’s husband, Colville, and on which the Star reporter is copied.

An assistant in Cansfield’s office said they tried to work with Doneit-Henderson to find a doctor but it became a problem because he has had 10 doctors since he moved to Toronto from Ottawa on March 15.

“We eventually got some threatening e-mails ... we didn’t know where to go next,” the assistant said.

Ford later sent out this message to his supporters:

A Message from Rob Ford

Dear Supporter,

You have probably heard about some serious allegations about me and my family that came as a result of my attempt to help someone in my community who was in need.

Unfortunately this person's real motive was to set me up in such a way that would harm my campaign, because as you are aware, there are forces out there who do not want accountability brought to City Hall.

In order to deal with an unstable individual who admitted to me he was using drugs, I played along with the conversation and I said what I needed to end the call without provoking him.

My first priority is and always will be the safety of my family and I played along with the conversation to prevent the situation from escalating.

I took this matter to the police since I recently found out this person had been posting defamatory and threatening blogs steps away from my house.

I want to assure you this will not derail my plans to bring fiscal prudence and accountability to city hall.

Thank you for your continued support.



Don't worry Rob, I guess this comes with the territory of becoming the next Mayor of Toronto...


PS: It appears the more SERIOUS political tactics have begun...

PPS: To the Toronto Sun, my apologies for quoting so much of your article. I just felt that it was necessary in order to tell the whole story...

(Image: by Shaun Merritt on flickr


Anonymous said...

To quote a well-known city councillor...

""He's a joke. He's a waste of time. A waste of skin."

Michael D. said...

Ford is what Toronto needs right now and for years to come...
This guy will clean up the total mess that Miller and all of those cronies in City council had made...

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