Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mississauga Employs & Pays Sunshine List Salary to Bully-Boss Domenic Galamini???

City of Mississauga Mayor McCallion, the Peel Police and the Ministry of Labour have disgraced all of Mississauga, Ontario and Canada with their lack of action in regards to the Criminal Assault, Torture and Forcible Confinement abuses that have been taking place at the Mississauga Transportation and Works Department for at least 5 years.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

City saw video of workers being abused in 2009, McCallion says
Ministry of Labour investigators and Peel police took no action after viewing video of employees at Mississauga’s transportation and works department being tied up with duct tape, spanked until they were bruised and humiliated at the behest of one of their supervisors, Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion says.

The mayor, speaking to reporters just minutes before testifying at an inquiry, said the city learned of the video in November 2009. Peel police and the Ministry of Labour began investigating, and the city launched its own independent probe.

The supervisor, Domenic Galamini, was disciplined by the city although McCallion did not say what action had been taken. She said the independent investigator concluded termination was not necessary.

Galamini is currently still at work.

Employee Alex Juani, who has been on stress leave from the transportation department since October, said employees inside the Mavis Rd. shop have been physically tormented for close to five years.

However, he said people were afraid of coming forward and reporting the abuse.

“It’s so serious, we fear for more than just our jobs. (We) fear for our safety, safety of the people I love,” he said.

All of these abuses were committed at the hands of Assistant Supervisor, Traffic Maintenance, Domenic Galamini (and his minions), who was listed on the Ontario Sunshine list under the City of Mississauga, as being paid $121,722.77, and receiving $249.21 in Taxable Benefits.

The City of Mississauga is paying this scumbag a six-figure salary to abuse, assault, torture, humiliate, and forcibly confine its employees? This is where the public's tax dollars are going?

And after all of these abuses came to light, instead of immediately firing Galamini and charging him with the countless criminal activities that he was committing, they continue to employ him, pay him that 6-figure Sunshine list salary, and still have countless workers who are under constant threat with him still working along side them?

Mayor McCallion is an absolute disgrace for allowing this to continue, and has shown her passiveness when it comes to taking care of her constituents. The Peel Police have once again shown their uselessness by doing absolutely nothing about this situation, even after it had been reported by the victims, evidence provided, even reported by the Mayor. The Ministry of Labour has shown its uselessness, as it has done nothing about this as well (what are they there for???).

Overall, we are seeing a pattern of uselessness, failure and non-concern for the poor workers who have taken this abuse at the hands of their sunshine list supervisor, and sadly, this truly represents the quality of services to expect from our Government.


Screenshot taken from Public Sector Salary Disclosure 2009 (Disclosure for 2008) : Municipalities and Services


nancy said...

i completely agree with your take on this. this is ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE. not only does the City of Mississauga condone the behaviour it claims not to condone by keeping Galamini employed, but it completely invalidates the stress and psychological/emotional damage the instances of abuse have caused to the victims involved. Galamini is obviously some power-tripping freak and should IMMEDIATELY be sacked so that the City of Mississauga sends a CLEAR MESSAGE that this kind of disgraceful behaviour ends NOW. The humiliation and abuse instead is completely being tolerated and condoned as opposed to what the City of Mississauga claims to be their "policies" surrounding such behaviour. Five years this has gone on? Kudos to Juani for having the courage to step forward and try to end what has been going on. It's a pity that among the other employees involved, no one else has also had the courage to step forward, as he has, and substantiate the accusations. The fact that both the city and the Police did nothing when these complaints first came to the light of day speaks volumes about how our tax dollars are being spent and about the lack of respect the City and police force hold towards the complainant(s). NO employee should ever have to re-enter a workplace atmosphere where this kind of bullshit, power games have gone on. It is demeaning and exploitative and totally unacceptable. The City needs to fire everyone involved in instigating these incidents ASAP.

Anonymous said...

because they didnt fire him I assumed it was sexual!!! considering that it is not WTF??? How can they not fire him???

Anonymous said...

I wish people would wait for the other side to be heard. Mr guani is a liar who wants to milk the system and make as much money as he can. He is in the video PARTICIPATING and Mr Galamini was not even there. This guy is a joke. the truth will come out and Mr.Guani will be exposed for the trouble maker he really is. This whole story is a complete joke and it amazes me that people assume a person is guilty before hearing both sides. I am utterly disqusted.

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