Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Secret Toronto Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines - Here's the link...

After a long fight, Toronto City Councillors Howard Moscoe and Denzil Minnan-Wong finally got the Secret Toronto Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines document released to the public.

Some examples from the document of Drivers who are given breaks on Parking Tickets include:
Toronto City Councillors
Drivers who live more than 100 km from Toronto
Drivers who were attending Religious Ceremonies
Drivers who were not sure which side of the street to park on
Drivers who got multiple tickets for the same offence within 3 hours
Fast Food Delivery Drivers
Nursing Agency Drivers
Tour Buses
Taxi Cabs
Disabled Drivers
Various Delivery Vehicles
Security Companies
Utility Vehicles and many, many more...
Here's the link to the Official Toronto Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines document from the City of Toronto website:

Parking Tag Operations - First Appearance Facility Guidelines

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Ticket cancelling manual released
The excuses that work with bureaucrats were made public Tuesday night when city council voted to release the holy grail of how-tos: the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines.

The 18-page report details exemptions for fast-food delivery, nursing agencies, tour buses, taxicabs, disabled drivers and delivery vehicles, among others.

Like police, fire and ambulance services, city councillors on “city business” can have tickets cancelled for virtually any infraction.

So why did city council make public some of its deepest secrets?

“Myself and Councillor Moscoe have been trying to get it released for a long time, and staff have constantly been saying ‘It’s confidential, it’s confidential, it’s confidential,” said Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong.

“Here a group of bureaucrats have set up these secret rules that nobody knows about,” he said. “I think that there is a risk that once some of these rules get out that they may be open to abuse, and if that’s the case there has to be some consideration whether those rules should be applied.”

Council voted 23-8 in favour of releasing the document and having the issue guidelines reviewed by committee.

After reading all of the exemptions, it seems like the only people who actually have to pay their parking tickets in Toronto are the average-Joe Torontonians...


Screenshot of Parking Tag Operations - First Appearance Facility Guidelines document on the City of Toronto Website

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