Monday, June 28, 2010

I'd Fly Porter Airlines Again Anytime!

So, I decided to escape Toronto this past weekend for a family thing, and to avoid the headache that is, G20. And unlike the 900+ people who probably wished they'd done the same (Toronto Sun: More than 900 arrests during G20 Summit), I had an awesome time partying it up in Chicago!

When looking for flights, a friend suggested I check out Porter, as he flies it all the time and has nothing but good things to say about the Airline. So I thought what the hell, it's right here anyway, much closer than Pearson. (At the time I wasn't thinking about the G20...)

So I checked out their site (Fly Porter - Porter Airlines), and when comparing the prices to all of the other Airlines (including Air Canada of course), Porter had the best price. So I booked it. I actually called in instead of doing it online. I just feel safer talking to someone and getting the actual confirmation from a human being... I guess it's a personal preference... I'm coming around...

Anyway, so this weekend came, and I actually TTC'd it down there, totally consumed in the paranoia, that was, G20. It actually wasn't too bad. Nobody was around...

We got to the Ferry, checked in, boarded it and got to look at water from a ship for 10 minutes or so (hey, how often do you get to do that?). We then went into the Terminal and checked our bags. The Security was fast and efficient, and in no time we were in the lounge.

People are all just relaxing in either these sofas, or these lounge chairs, or at tables on their laptops. As we walk in deeper, we see a booth on the other side where apparently they are holding a Glenfiddich Scotch Whiskey Taste Test! Of course we have to partake. And for those of you who've done the Taste Test, I chose the 18 year-old Oak, Apple, Cinnamon Single Malt as my favorite.

We then checked out their free offerings, which included some salted almond packages, cookie packages, as well as pop, water, coffee, tea, juice, and all of that good stuff. Though, they definitely need to make their fridges colder!! Am I wrong? But hey, it's free, so I'll just shut my mouth!

Anyway, we were really hungry, so we ended up leaving the terminal and going outside to the Druxy's around the corner to grab a couple of sandwiches. We then took them back inside through security again, and ate them in the lounge.

Our flight was on time, and when called, we boarded.

The plane had 2 sets of 2-seaters all the way down... So we went to our seats, and I was happily surprised to see the amount of space between you and the seat in front of you!! It was impressive, I have to say... Definitely more than it's competitors -you know who you are!

And, if you fly Porter, then you know about this next awesome perk! Free booze on your flight!! Yes, yes... I know... But that's pretty awesome, you have to admit...

Anyway, the flight went fast, and we got there ahead of schedule.

Now, the only thing that concerned me about Porter, is this next part. And it doesn't help if you're already buzzing going into it...

Porter doesn't have US Customs in Toronto. You have to fly to the US, and then go through Customs over there. And who knows how long you'll have to wait at your destination to go through Customs. I've waited at Pearson sometimes for over an hour, and that's just us Torontonians from over here. In Chicago, International flights all have to go through US Customs over there, so it could be horrible. Not to mention, if anything goes wrong with the officer, you're flying home, and this whole ordeal was for nothing...

Anyway, surprisingly, there was nobody there when we got there, so it went quick. Our bags were waiting for us, and we were out the door, ready to start the party.

So, overall, everything went excellent. I have no complaints at all. The flight back was a breeze as well, and we got some nice shots of Toronto from the Island afterwards.

Porter Airlines provided a fast, efficient and very pleasant experience. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if it's cheaper. Flying out from the Island Airport was very convenient, and the free snacks, drinks, Scotch Taste Test, and booze on the plane were awesome as well.

How were your experiences with Porter? I'm sure the readers would love to know.

For me, it really is like a secret that those who know about, really don't want anyone else to find out about. I'm probably violating the secret "Porter Code" with this post, but hey, this stuff is good to know...


PS: Chicago was awesome!! And that deep-dish pizza is delicious! Best I've ever had. And I'm not a pizza person...

(Image: by Tom Purves on flickr (Plane Side-View) by Vacacion on flickr (Glenfiddich Scotch) by Tom Purves on flickr (Porter Coffees) by Tom Purves on flickr (Porter Lounge) by False Positives on flickr (Porter Lounge 2)

Gino's East of Chicago - Legendary Deep-Dish Pizza by jackandcokewithalime


Anonymous said...

Your issue with the customs shouldnt be a big concern unless yourt travelling with an international rap sheet as long as the flight! Also Porter flies into Midway which is the airport closer to down and the only international carrier at the moment. Hence no customs lines as it is only your plane!

Love love lover Porter!

jackandcokewithalime said...

Thanks for that info, Anonymous!

I didn't know that Porter was the only International Carrier flying into Midway currently.

Looking back, I remember thinking how crazy lucky I was that the place was empty when we got there. There's no way that I should have such good luck...

Anyway, yeah, Customs was fast and efficient. The Officer was nice and almost welcoming, if you can believe that.

Everything was great. Porter was awesome. I would definitely fly Porter again anytime.