Monday, June 14, 2010

Let the South Africans Toot Their Own Horns...Vuvuzelas!!

I remember watching the first game of the 2010 World Cup while conveniently working from home that day, and hearing for the first time the sound of 60,000 vuvuzelas (the South African fan favorite plastic horn), and it really did sound like a swarm of bees... I just got a new TV (after my last one was a sad day), so my first thoughts were #$%%@$!!! I thought it was done... Anyway, after verifying that the TV was ok, I started thinking maybe it was the broadcast. I had no idea that the noise was from all of the South African fans blowing their vuvuzela horns... Eventually I figured it out.

So, I continued watching the match, and slowly that sound really started to annoy me. Like many other soccer fans out there (yes, I used the term "soccer"!!), I started feeling like they should ban those damn horns. I mean, it's so annoying, and it distracts from the game... But after thinking about it, and watching some footage of the South African fans so happily blowing their horns, I said screw it.

Let the South Africans toot their own horns, you know what I mean?


(Image: by Dundas Football Club on flickr


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