Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ford vs Pantalone vs Mammoliti - Council Vote Comparison

Did you know that Giorgio Mammoliti and Joe Pantalone voted against naming Toronto Streets after Canadian Soldiers killed in Afghanistan? Or that Rob Ford voted against banning cigarette smoking from Parks?  How about that Mammoliti and Pantalone both voted that the TTC and EMS (Ambulance) should not be essential services? Or that Pantalone voted against reviewing the Capital Budget item by item?

The Toronto City Council Vote Results provide great insight into the policy-making track records of 3 of our 30 current Toronto Mayoral Candidates, all of whom belong to that exclusive group of 6. Toronto Voters should try their best to find time and review the Council Vote results in order to make a fully-informed and educated decision in the coming Mayoral Election.

I only wish that Rocco Rossi, Sarah Thomson, George Smitherman and all of the other candidates had similar documented track records that could be reviewed this comprehensively... (Though some people may say that George Smitherman has a record that we're all trying to forget!)

I took the liberty of pulling the votes of Rob Ford, Giorgio Mammoliti and Joe Pantalone for 50 Toronto Council Votes that took place from 2007 to 2010. I went with the more popular vote topics, excluding the boring ones like tree-removals and etc. After reviewing the results, I split them into 4 categories:

Taxes - 9 Votes
Council/City Spending - 27 Votes
City Business - 11 Votes
Campaign Donations - 3 Votes

I've included those Vote Results here below for your review.

Take a look at the Vote Description, and how each of the 3 candidates voted, and see if their Council Voting Track Record aligns with their Election Promises and Platforms... Also, take a look at the Attendance of each of candidates at these votes... With all of the mud-slinging going around right now in regards to who is putting in the time at Council and who isn't, that's an important thing to note.

Let's start with the Vote Results for the Taxes Category:

Next, let's look at the Council Vote Results for Council/City Spending:

Next, here are the Results for City Business:

And Lastly, here are the Council Vote Results for Campaign Donations:

If you'd like to review the Council Votes in further detail, take a look at the Council Votes page on Rob Ford's website. Rob Ford constantly says that people should review his and the other Councillors' voting records, and therefore displays those results happily on his website.

So, what do you think? Feel free to let the readers know your thoughts. I know I would love to hear them!


(Image: by HiMY SYeD / photopia on flickr

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