Friday, June 4, 2010

Scary YouTube Video Threatens the Toronto G20. Here It Is...

The Toronto Sun reported tonight about a scary YouTube video (shown below) that contains veiled threats to the Toronto G20 Summit. The video contains a credit link from an anti-capitalist group called the Convergence Des Luttes Anticapitalistes.

Here's the story from the Sun:

Threatening rap video takes aim at G20 and T.O.

The lyrics in the song F--- the Law by Dead Prez pulsate as the soundtrack to a video posted on YouTube Thursday highlights some of Toronto’s most precious landmarks and treasures.

It’s already alarming, but when you see the skull and bones image on top of subway stations, the cloaked threat makes the hair on the back of one’s neck stand up.

On, which is credited at the end of the video, you will find the Convergence Des Luttes Anticapitalistes site with the heading “ATTACK THE G20 — TORONTO, JUNE 25-26-27, 2010” and describing itself as “a new anti-capitalist alliance” calling “for mobilization against the Group of 20.”

The video is clever and gutless. Clever in that it uses our freedoms to disguise itself as either an intimidator or a tourist travel log and gutless in that whoever made is not courageous enough to put his name to it.

This thing is as slick as it is sick. It plays like a target list — showing a map of inside and outside the G20 wall. On the video are closeups of streets, banks, hotels, condo buildings, parks and landmarks.

Next to the skull and bones on the map it often says “Vous etes Ici” which translates to “You are Here.”

After reading that article, I was curious to see the video... I mean, what concerned Torontonian wouldn't be, right? After some easy searching on YouTube (using the photo provided in the Sun article), I was able to find it.

It can be found on YouTube at the following link: Mon Voyage à Toronto (G20).  Also, I've embedded it below for your review (for educational purposes only).

DISCLAIMER: The Video below contains material suggestive of terrorist threats, and also contains violent music lyrics with coarse language. Do not let your children watch this video.

jackandcokewithalime in no way condones the suggestions in this video. In fact, jackandcokewithalime is completely disgusted with this video, and is only displaying it here for educational purposes.

In more formal language: The opinions and suggestions expressed in this video, are those of the video's author (junioproximo), and in no way whatsoever are those of jackandcokewithalime or this website.

Based on the content of the video, I can't guarantee how long it will stay available on YouTube. I apologize if the video is removed by the time you try to view it.

Some sick and scary stuff, eh?

With the $1 Billion Security Price Tag, along with all of these threats, it makes one wonder whether it's worth it to have this summit in Toronto... I know that's like allowing the Terrorists to win, but damn, I know I'll be worried when my girl goes to work downtown while it's going on...

After seeing a video like this, do you feel safe with the G20 coming to town? You've already read my feelings on it, what are your thoughts? Feel free to comment and let the readers know.


Screenshot taken from YouTube Video:


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i think the video means nothing and is just some loser trying to stir up some attention.

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