Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toronto G20 Business & Individual Compensation Claim Information

If you were one of the countless Torontonians who were hit financially by the Toronto G20, whether it was your Business that was impacted, or if you personally lost money due to the Summit, you are probably now wondering what exactly you can do in terms of getting compensation from the Federal Government.

I took the liberty of looking into that for you, and I've pulled together some information that was available for your review.

Firstly, the compensation payments that you are looking for are called, "Ex Gratia" payments.

The Toronto G20 website provides the following notes in regards to Payments on an Ex Gratia Basis:

Although the Government is not legally bound to pay compensation for losses suffered as a result of international meetings held in Canada there are precedents where compensation has been provided to those impacted by security measures of previous international summits.

The administration and coordination of all requests for information on Payments on an Ex Gratia Basis to mitigate adverse financial consequences as a result of extraordinary security measures put in place for the G-20 Toronto Summit is under the responsibility of the Summits Management Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

All persons concerned are invited to read the relevant Guidelines, frequently asked questions and the Claim Form (pdf) within the time-frame stated in the Guidelines. The assessment of all claims will be made in close cooperation with Audit Services Canada, a special operating agency reporting to Public Works and Government Services Canada. Payments will be administered in accordance with Treasury Board Policy on Claims and Ex Gratia Payments and the Financial Administration Act.

For any other question on matters not referred to in the above-mentioned documents (Guidelines and Claim Form), the Summits Management Office has activated a toll-free telephone number: 1-877-750-6042.

Here's some other information from the Guidelines that I thought worth including:

What percentage of my claim will be covered?

Payment could cover up to 100% of the loss of net profits or loss of net revenues or extraordinary costs that are eligible subject to approval of funds available for this purpose.

What is covered under the Guidelines?

According to Section 8-(d) of the guidelines, “Payment will not be provided for losses and damages that are insurable under normal insurance coverage. Only losses and damages arising from Extraordinary Security Measures above and beyond the amounts covered by insurance policies could be eligible for payment.”

Payment could be considered for the following:

a) Commercial businesses – Loss of Net Profits
b) Non–profit organizations – Loss of Net Revenues
c) Individuals – Extraordinary costs

All amounts claimed for payment must be proven, justified, appropriate and reasonable, and only those amounts that cannot be paid out by means of other financial instruments are eligible.

What costs are not considered eligible under the Guidelines?

According to Section 8-(c) of the guidelines, the following claims shall not be considered eligible for payment:

a) damages caused by third parties, including vandalism;
b) damages for personal injury (bodily harm);
c) damages for emotional distress; and,
d) amounts that can be paid out by means of another instrument, such as statutory or regulatory scheme, Treasury Board policy, program, grant or contribution; and
e) private protection measures.

Why are the costs listed above not covered?

Vandalism is covered by regular insurance and under these Guidelines, payments are not provided for losses that are insurable under normal insurance coverage. Damages for personal injury and emotional distress are also compensated by other means. Also, private security measures are not eligible, as security agencies will be providing the required security. Insurance deductibles related to ineligible costs will not be covered by the Guidelines.

What is the deadline for submission of claims?

Claims must be submitted within 90 days of the date of conclusion of the Extraordinary Security Measures of the Summit unless otherwise authorized by the Summits Management Office.

What is the time frame over which a claim can be based?

Claims can only be presented for the period during which the Security Authority prohibits public access inside the perimeter. However, if eligible beneficiaries can demonstrate that they have suffered losses immediately before or shortly after the duration of the Extraordinary Security Measures of the Summit due to reduced traffic as a result of these measures, they may submit such losses in their claim for consideration.

Where can I send my claim?

Claims should be sent to Summits Management Office, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa (Ontario), K1A OG2.

When will claims be processed?

The Government of Canada is committed to processing claims as soon as possible upon their receipt at the Summits Management Office.

For further information on all of the Guidelines, the FAQs, and for the actual Claim Form, please see the links below:

Ex Gratia - Guidelines
Ex Gratia - Frequently Asked Questions
Ex Gratia - Claim Form - Claim for Payment on an Ex gratia Basis - Toronto G20 Summit (pdf)


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