Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ontario Is A Great Place To Work...If You're "Non-Racialized"


The CCPA, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, released a troubling report today that showed that "Non-Racialized" people are getting Signficantly Higher Employment Income than "Racialized" people here in Ontario.

In case you wanted to confirm, "Racialized" is described in the report as a person who identified themselves as a Visible Minority in the 2006 census. Therefore, a "Non-Racialized" person would be someone who did NOT identify themselves as a Visible Minority. For a far more detailed definition, see footnote #1 in the report, the link is provided below.

You can review the 14-page report (pdf) on the CCPA website at:

The Role of Race and Gender in Ontario's Racialized Income Gap

The actual PDF Report file can be downloaded at the following link:

The Role of Race Ontario Growing Gap.pdf

Given that it's a fairly short and simple report, I recommend giving it a quick browse.

I'll highlight some things below that caught my eye.

First, some info provided about the report:

This study looks at 2006 census data to describe the labour market experience of racialized Ontarians. It relies on Census data for Ontarians who self-describe as ‘visible minority,’ since Census terminology has not been updated to reflect the concept of racialization.

The Census findings show a striking difference between racialized and non-racialized Ontarians. Racialized Ontarians are far more likely to live in poverty, to face barriers to Ontario’s workplaces, and even when they get a job, they are more likely to earn less than the rest of Ontarians.

Next, some areas that discussed the difference in Employment Income:

Racialized Ontarians are paid less: Sexism and racial discrimination pack a double wallop for racialized women in Ontario, seriously hampering their earnings.

They made 53.4 cents for every dollar non-racialized men made in 2005. Racialized men in Ontario made 73.6 cents for every dollar than non-racialized men made. Racialized women made 84.7 cents for every dollar that non-racialized women made.
Controlling for age, immigration status, and education doesn’t eliminate the gap: First-generation racialized Ontarians aged 25–44 who have a university education earn less than non-racialized immigrants of the same age and educational attainment. The gap is widest for first-generation immigrants: racialized women make 47 cents for every dollar male, non-racialized immigrants make. For second-generation that gap persists at 54 cents.
The findings show the employment and earnings gap between racialized Ontarians and the rest of the population remains stubbornly high — despite strong economic performance that Ontario enjoyed when this Census data was collected.

Here are some other interesting stats and comments:

Racialized men are most over-represented in manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, and professional, technical and scientific services. Racialized men are most under-represented in public administration, educational services, health care and social assistance. Racialized women are the most over-represented in finance and insurance and in health care and social assistance. They are most under-represented in the traditional male primary industries and construction.


Screenshots taken from the CCPA Report:
The Role of Race and Gender in Ontario's Racialized Income Gap


Anonymous said...

Hey Ithought you guys were a melting pot like the USA. We don't too much manufacturing and what is a poor guy to do? 20 years ago someone told me we were going to be a service country. So watch out it also brings jobs down and your paycheck.

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