Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another article about Corrupt Toronto Police

And yet again, another example of Corrupt Toronto Police...


I’m not going to go into this one, as I’ve already beat that dead horse to a pulp today.

But, I’ll leave you with these quotes from the article...

“Shuparski was transported to the downtown police station and was alone in an interview room with Higgins. The alleged 10-second-long attack occurred after Shuparski gave Higgins a snide, profane reply after the officer asked him for his birth date.”

“...Shuparski testified that after Higgins punched him and kicked him, he threatened to send him home in a “body bag” if he complained about his injuries.”

“...the now 39-year-old Higgins, who is alleged to have kicked the drug addict “like a football.””

“Higgins, a 20-year force veteran, was acquitted of the charge in 2005. Superior Court Justice Frank Caputo rescinded that acquittal in 2007, saying the first trial judge, Justice Bruce Young, made several “significant legal errors” and Caputo ordered a new trial.”

Jeez, aren’t these “legal errors” happening a lot when the Police are the one’s charged???

I’m just saying...

(image taken from http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/toronto/archive/2010/01/11/379249.aspx)

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