Friday, January 22, 2010

Dirty Health Inspectors in Toronto...

You know, I take a lot of heat from people when I constantly show how Corruption and Uselessness has run rampant across the entire city of Toronto's Public Service Departments. From the Toronto Police, to the Mayor and his team, to even the various departments across the city.

People call me paranoid, saying that I'm the type of person who hides under the bed all day because I'm scared that everyone is against me.

Yet, here I am, showing you almost daily, the constant example after example after example.

If you ask me, it's not ME who's paranoid. It's the brainwashed "cattle" of Torontonians who are always denying reality, and sheltering themselves from accepting the truth by calling the truthtellers paranoid.

Anyway, I don't see that changing. Like the brainwashed religious fanatics who just can't accept that their reasoning makes no sense whatsoever, the cattle will always follow their shepherd and not ask questions.

You know, that's the problem. People don't want to ask questions. Intellect is built on the asking of questions, and therefore you'll find that it's the Intellectuals who are asking questions, while the brainwashed don't even want to know.

Wow, I don't know how I went off on that tangent...

Back to the reason for my post: City health inspector guilty of extortion in bar case


And we wonder how all of these restaurants can get away with customers finding ants in their food, or seeing mice in their pastry trays, all the while having GREEN passes from the Health Inspectors.

Well, Voila, now you know why.

"Yanhui Lu testified that Wong told her and her husband, Hong Hai Kang, that for $1,400 he had a friend downtown who could make $2,500 in food safety tickets he had issued them in July 2007 disappear from the system."

What a nightmare us Torontonians are living in... Corruption at it's finest.


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