Sunday, January 31, 2010

So, Weed is Performance Enhancing, you say?

Yeah, performance enhancing if you're trying to NOT move from the sofa!! ;)

Wait wait, I got a couple more..

Performance enhancing if:
- you're in a 'Munchies' eating contest..
- you're in a laughing contest..
- you're in a sleeping contest..
- you're in an art appreciation contest..
- you're in a nature adoring contest..
- you're in an "...oh wait, was I talking about again?.." contest..

Alright, I'll stop there..

So, today I was just perusing around, and I found this article describing how Vancouver's Pro-Pot image will impact the Olympics this year (it also had that great picture that I've included below).

Progressive laws in Vancouver make next month's Winter games the Pot Olympics


Vancouver's Pro-Pot image is no secret... So with the Olympics in town, all kinds of discussions are coming up related to Marijuana and the rules around it in Sports today.

"While fans, coaches, sponsors (and yes, members of the media) might be lighting up at the New Amsterdam Cafe or the Vapor Lounge on Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver, the hockey players and figure skaters will be peeing in cups just a few blocks away, hoping they don't fail the whiz quiz."

Now, it's a given that weed is illegal (or to be more specific, the THC in it is illegal), so I completely understand why it's banned as an illegal substance by the Olympics.

But, to claim that it's "Performance Enhancing"?? I don't know if there's anyway I can buy that..

When that Canadian snowboarder, Rebagliati, had his freshly won Gold medal (from the 98 Nagano Olympics) revoked and taken away from him, they said it was because he was found to have THC in his blood, and that provided him with an advantage as it was a performance enhancer.

Fortunately, Rebagliati got his medal back a few days later on a technicality in the rules, but that doesn't mean that the IOC didn't try.

"It was suggested, in Rebagliati's arbitration hearing, that pot could theoretically enhance performance for downhill skiers and ski jumpers to the extent that marijuana is thought to overcome natural resistance against risk."

"Overcome natural resistance against risk"?? It's common knowledge that Weed makes people paranoid and nervous in the most normal of everyday activities.. Saying that it helps to overcome the fears of risk, just doesn't sound very likely.

As I joked about above, weed is the exact opposite of performance enhancing. If anything, it's like adding a handicap to the people who are on it. It doesn't give athletes more energy. It doesn't make them stronger. It doesn't make them faster. It doesn't make them sharper or more awake.

It's definitely a coach's worst nightmare as it only hinders an athlete's performance.

Maybe these IOC members should sneak away to one of these coffee shops while in Vancouver, and test it out for themselves.  I think they may come out of it having a whole new appreciation for Rebagliati! ;)


(Image taken from: (Pot Olympics) (Family Guy))


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