Saturday, January 9, 2010

Untouchable Celebrity

You know, people talk about democracy and how everyone is equal under the law, but everyday we see another example where the Untouchable Celebrity "walks on water" right over the law.

The latest was Halle Berry skipping through security procedures at a Montreal airport ( I love Halle, and I'm sure every female-loving person on this planet can still perfectly picture her in that infamous topless million-dollar-paying scene in Swordfish, but this yet again shows how this entire system is bullshit.

What, it's been barely 3 weeks since the entire Christmas Airplane Terrorist ordeal, and still, even when National Security is concerned, Celebrities are above the law...

Where does it stop? Is there a line that can eventually be crossed?

Yes, I know, it's a broken record. "It's a 2 tier system...", "Celebrities are above the law". But if no one talks about it and condemns it, then it will continue to happen.

That whole Roman Polanski ordeal was a perfect example. The guy DRUGS and RAPES a child, and I mean RAPE in the worst way possible, and then through under-the-table deals, he pays off the right people and gets it reduced to statutory rape. When sentencing time comes around, he hears that even with the reductions he may have to serve time, he flees the country. Ever since, the guy is directing movies, receiving awards, and he's still wanted for all of the charges (since the deal was tossed after he fled).

How he could still be "on the lamb" after like 30 years, is a bloody travesty.

And then he has people who sympathize with this Child Molester????

Only Celebrities can get away with this crap.

If the system is equal for all, then I say the system operators need to prove it.

I'll cut this short with some food for thought. If Halle can so easily get through security at the airport, what's stopping these terrorists from slipping something onto her, her Mimbo, or into one of her bags. If she's not put through the same security checks, that could end badly for everyone... But hey, she's a celebrity, she shouldn't have to put in the due deligence like everyone else..

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