Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love the Stereotypical Italian Mafia speak!

Before I start, I'll get it out there that yes, this post is almost 10 years late... But I had to post a comment about it as I've been obsessed with it over the past week.

So, after months of trying to convince my girl that we HAVE TO WATCH The Sopranos, I finally manipulated my way into making a deal with her to watch it after we finished watching all of Merlin, that BBC series.

Aside: What's with women and this Magic stuff? Charmed, Eastwick, Merlin, not to mention the Vampire crap which I place in the same category like Supernatural, Sanctuary, True Blood, Vampire Chronicles, Buffy, Angel, Underworld, Blade, Twilight.. They just can't get enough of this stuff.. Am I wrong? Anyway, an article for another day...

I had actually been successful in getting her to watch it a few years ago, but after 1 season, we never got around to finishing it, and for some reason now she remembers feeling that she found it too slow.

Anyway, after finding out that Mad Men was written by the same people -and we both love Mad Men, I used that to convince her to try it again.

So, we re-watched the 1st season, and she was as hooked as I was, so we immediately started the 2nd. Now we're knee-deep into the 3rd, and it's great.

Lately, we've developed this Guilty Pleasure of repeating many of the phrases as "authentically" Italian as we can, complete with the hand movements and everything. We love it! And I apologize immediately to any people of Italian backgrounds who find this offensive. We can't help it, it's just so cool! If anything, we mean it in the most complementary way possible. I mean, imitation is flattery, no?

Anyway, I'll be at work, and we're talking about whatever, and I find myself throwing in, "Fuckin'" this, and "Fuckin'" that. It's so addictive! And I can't count the number of times my girl tells me "oh, go on.." while waving her hand.

And there's something about adding the hand-movements when you're talking, it's like it means so much more, so much more passion, you know..

Anyway, I remember years back when everybody was going around saying, "Fo-get-about-it" and yada, so I know we're not alone in this..

Until next time, "why don't you go fuck yourself" (and just imagine my hands cupped chest-high).

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