Thursday, January 21, 2010

Giambrone couldn't Manage a baby girl's tea party...

The Guy has Mis-Managed the TTC into a black hole of incompetence, with the St. Clair Right of way budget sky-rocketing from $48 Million to $106 Million, the Union Station work jumping from $89 Million to $137 Million, and now with his latest moronic quest to "appoint a blue-ribbon panel of private-sector experts to help improve customer service" not to mention hiring expensive external consultants as "What is key is that you do need an outside, fresh perspective", and he wants to run for the Mayor of Toronto???!!!!

What a joke this city has become, when -in the most simplistic terms- an idiot sincerely believes that he can still win the Mayoral race after his track record of disaster after disaster after disaster.

I still can't understand how this guy is the Chairman of the TTC?? This guy couldn't Manage a baby girl's tea party, let alone a Transit System for the largest city in Canada, and now, actually pretend to be able to run the city??

No Fucking way!!

Let me see if I understand this latest quest of his correctly.. The TTC, fresh off of raising the fares, has now been receiving countless complaints, as no-one in their right mind would feel that a ride on the red rocket would be worth $3. I mean, we are creeping up on it being more expensive to take the bus to work and back home, than it is to just drive in and park downtown.. And these guys are wondering why the customers are so pissed off??


And instead of just addressing the complaints provided directly from the customers, this guy has decided to spend countless dollars putting together a blue ribbon panel, hiring consultants, all of this bullshit, when all he has to do is just go through the suggestions in the proverbial suggestion box.

You know what? He actually does sound like the true Government that Torontonians and Ontarians alike have had to deal with for the past number of years.. He would fit right in with that gaggle of loons.

At the end of the day, the only thing that comes to mind after all of this, is just, Fuck Adam Giambrone, the TTC and all of these useless parasites who are sucking the hard-earned blood, sweat and tear-soaked tax dollars out of me and every other Torontonian!
Giambrone for Mayor.. Yeah, just the thought makes me nauseous.


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