Monday, January 11, 2010

What, Toronto Police are Corrupt?

What, Toronto Police are Corrupt? You don't say...

Let me apologize up-front to the up-standing, legitimate hard-working Police Officers out there. I know there are still a few of you (please please... I truly hope so), and if there are, this post is not directed at you.

I swear, 2009 was just a swarm of Government Corruption this, Police Corruption that, and that obviously has now trickled into 2010 and doesn't seem to be going away.

It's a sad day when our Government and Police appear to be more Corrupt than their portrayers in The Sopranos... Aside from the actual Corruption, what really bothers me as well is that the population seem to just turn a blind-eye to it, like it's not happening (picture them sticking their fingers in their ears, and saying "la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la"). They just don't want to admit that it's happening, and I can't understand why...

I can remember countless times partaking in a comment-war on the Toronto Sun board, and in just making a smart-ass remark about the corruption, having countless people defensive as hell. "They're out there risking their lives!", "They're just doing their jobs!", "They don't make the laws, they just enforce them!". Listen, I'm not disputing that. I'd be the first one to shake their hands in thanks for the dedicated and honourable work that they do. It's just these countless News Articles, almost once every week (if you can believe that!) about Toronto Police Corruption that just disappoint and upset me to the point where, I can't even believe that there are any legitimate cops left..

How can I be the only person who is coming to this realization??!!!

What is this hold that 'people with power' have over the population? So much so that when provided with precedent after precedent, they still believe in the legitimate honourable police officer.

Well, it's now become my mission to show you and remind you that yes, that was an article about Police Corruption, and yes this is happening in your city. Yes, those Police Officers parked in a NO PARKING zone are just having lunch in that restaurant, and not doing police-work. I'll do it, over and over and over, until it finally clicks and you see what I'm talking about. Then, and only then, can we as a people make a difference (I don't know where that's from, but I thought I would just throw that in.. It seemed like the right thing to do).

In the news today, there was a great article in regards to these Corrupt Police scum who all got off of charges due to "excessive delays" in their case.


I had read about this before, but when creating this blog, I decided that I would only comment on new articles in the news, and not go back (as that exercise could go on forever).

So, in this case, these Corrupt Toronto Cops were going around Extorting money from Drug Dealers for "Protection". To quote the article, "there had been a "crime spree" by "rogue officers," and recommended criminal charges against 12 officers.". 12 OFFICERS!!!! He then goes on to say that 4 months later, "four officers working the downtown club scene were alleged to be demanding and getting protection money from club owners. Rick McIntosh, president of the Toronto Police Association, and William McCormack, son of a former Toronto police chief, were among the four officers charged with influence peddling and accepting a benefit". THE PRESIDENT OF THE TORONTO POLICE ASSOCIATION and the SON OF THE FORMER TORONTO POLICE CHIEF!!!!!

Now maybe you get my comment about it being worse than The Sopranos?

Anyway, to make a long story short, for some reason, the Police investigate the Police (real genius work in that decision), and somehow, nothing was getting done (really!! I can't believe that). Then delay after delay after delay after delay (keep in mind this goes on for years), until now, they finally decided that allowing this to go on for so long was against these Criminal Cops' rights, and they dismissed the charges.

How this could happen, nobody knows... (Yeah!!)

To a person who's removed the blinders, this simply means that this Corruption goes all the way from the bottom of the Police Force to the tippy-top. There's no accountability, and one has to assume that far more than the 16 Cops mentioned were involved.

The Prosecution, Judges, Government Officials I'm sure had something to do with it, but you didn't hear that from me...

Anyway, I'll leave you with 1 more example that was in the news today:


Ontario's Top Cop, Julian Fantino, charged with "one count of influencing or attempting to influence municipal officials". You see, not even the "Top Cop" is free from scandal in this great Police force of ours (yes, he's Ontario Police, but same shit at the end of the day)..

"Attempting to influence municipal officials" you say.. Again, reference The Sopranos season 1-3 (up until season 3 episode 10, that's the latest I've watched, and it's still awesome by the way!).

Let me end by saying this.. If this type of stuff happened once every 5 years, ok, I would accept that as well.. every organization has it's bad apples (to quote Fantino). But this is happening once every week at least.

I'm sorry, but I'm not brainwashed by these power-holding scoundrels. I call 'em like I see 'em.


PS: Check out the link below where I went into a comment-war on the Toronto Sun board when the Police "asked" to search everyone's houses for that missing 18-year old girl.


I was commenting under the persona of "PotSmoker", and gave many examples of Police Corruption to justify my fears of allowing any Police Officer to enter my home without a warrant. It wasn't about the girl, it was about the Police Officers. With so much Corruption going on, I wouldn't dare set a precedent where Police can enter my home anytime they feel like it without a warrant or probable cause or anything.

I used the persona "Potsmoker", as I wanted to have a harmless reason for why I wouldn't want the police to search my home, otherwise I would have been pummeled with comments asking me what I had to hide?? And I needed to get past that.

The reason I have asked in quotations (in case you were wondering) is that though they asked for the public's cooperation, when countered by the press about what they'll do if people don't want to have their rights infringed upon, they responded saying that those people will be noted on a "list" as people who said no -and if you ask me, were immediately considered suspects (if not for this, then for something else).

And there's nothing like a highly-visible political move like this to take the light off of the lack of progress in the case (like the infamous ALT-TAB we all do when the boss walks by), they make it appear as though the Police were doing everything they could possibly think of. I don't blame them, it actually was an allstar move if you ask me.. While at the same time as appearing to be looking for the girl (which inevitably ended up being a useless exercise unfortunately), it still allowed them freebie chances to note those folks who seemed suspicious (which could be used for political quick-wins at a later date -and given the current state, they need those as often as possible). So savvy these Police folks are, eh!

Anyway, check it out for other example articles of Toronto Police Corruption that I noted there. And for the shear entertainment value!..

(Yes yes... I'm a sick individual).

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Anonymous said...

Stumbled in here after spotting your comments and link at the Sun. Good article.

If the politicians and servants of the people would simply live up to the oath they take it would be a much nicer world in which to live.

We are led to believe we are all equal under law and in the eyes of which ever supreme being you care to optionally select. And yet, every single day our rights and freedoms are being shoved under the rug and to protest it is to "have something to hide".

The propaganda machine is very cunning.

Personally, I think it should be mandatory that everyone who reaches the age of consent has to smoke at least one harmless fattie in a group setting. If they choose to be stupid after that, then there are obviously other problems.

Keep up the good work!

jackandcokewithalime said...


Thank you for your comment (of which I completely agree), and for visiting the blog!! You are my first official commenter, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

I was hoping that my posts in the Sun would get noticed and get people to visit. You just showed me that it works!

Thanks again for your readership!


Anonymous said...

You hear about the corruption within the police force as a side line in the news every now and then, but I guess it just passed my radar, no big deal.

You are absolutely right, this IS a big deal!!! how is it that we, the public, is letting this slide by????

Brings you to realise just how far the propaganda and corruption goes - media, politicians, law enforcement..... hold on, why exactly am I surprised again?

jackandcokewithalime said...

Hey Anonymous,

Thanks for your comment!

You know, it's not until you actually start looking for it, that you realize how often we see Corruption in our Police Force and in our Government.

People are so quick to dismiss it and cover it up, that it does just pass the 'radar' of the public, as you so eloquently put it.

For me it started off as something I wanted to inform people about, but eventually I realized that I was posting about it almost daily, each day with it's own separate example... Believe me, that was almost depressing at one point (I think I wrote an entry about it)..

Anyway, I'm so happy that others are seeing it as well! Thanks for that!

Believe me, when you talk to people about it, and they give you that attitude that you're just anti-police, feel free to send them here for a lesson!

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

The Toronto Police are very corrupt but I find most of my fellow citizens want to keep their heads in the ground to avoid seeing it. There is an article in the sun now about the slain officer and if you read the comment section the police are portrayed as more important than the people who pay them, their fellow citizens.
I have an ex friend who is a cop who said "basically alot of the guys became cops so we could have good steady pay, not becaue we want or give a care about civilians"
Its an outrageous statement I know but he went on to apply and become a cop. I stopped being his friend when he asked me to store some "cash" for him in my closet. He has no record of disciplinary actions against him and told me he enjoys "intimidating people".

For every good cop there is a cop like this one. If you dont understand or believe it then you truly are living in a fantasy world.

downtown TO

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work the police get enougth free rides.they must be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

The populace turns a blind eye to the corruption of the police because they think by doing this they are promoting law and order. I know that sounds twisted but it makes sense if you understand that they are in denial. The denial stems from propaganda that somehow a cop is 'Toronto's finest' --its a marketing manipulation on your mind. Toronto's finest? That would be the priest and parishioners I know who feed the poor from the church kitchen and don't make a dime off of it. Or the young woman I know who visits widows in their grief and brings food to elderly shut ins. Or the teacher I know who volunteers to teach kids (for free) AFTER class because they need extra help with the class they are struggling over. Or the thousands of volunteers in hospitals who help in all kinds of ways.

THOSE are Toronto's finest.

Police are a business and they get PAID. now there is nothing wrong with that IF they actually do the job and IF they drop the pretense that somehow they are the 'finest' and are doing it out of the nobility of their hearts.

As for "risking their lives"--I think people who say this against those who are scrutinizing police corruption are people who think a cops life is filled with Hollywood high speed chases and shootouts. Nonsense. Most of their days are filled with pushing around people who have no criminal record and giving as many tickets as they can to meet their quota. I personally know 4 cops and they ALL tell me most of their days are filled with petty investigations and they get paid for it. OF COURSE there is more dangerous stuff they do (lots of domestic disputes and those are dangerous) HOWEVER they SIGNED On for those jobs did they not?? SO stop complaining how dangerous it is. If you don't like it get another job. Try working in a office job where you have no benefits and no union like I do. Then you'll understand 'scary'. For those of you who think I'm kidding --you understand nothing. Quiet desperation of people eking out a living by the skin of their teeth is the real scary reality in Toronto. NOT some fat ass cop who gets full union benefits and spends most of his time without having to break a sweat PUNCTURED every now and then by a dangerous situation WHICH THEY AGREED TO.

They LEST cops could do is NOT be corrupt. Corrupt cops are worse than ANY criminals because a criminal is just that -- a thug. But a criminal doesn't promise to be something else. A cop does. A cop is suppose to serve and protect you.

Alas most of them serve their CAREERS and protect their own.

THAT is the reality of Toronto cops.

Yes I agree with the blogger there are some good ones (I hope) out there but Im not talking about them. And I don't buy this "oh there are always a few bad apples don't judge them all by those few" Why the hell not?

I know a lawyer who runs a law firm downtown and has 10 lawyers working under him. If ONE of them does something to embarrass the partnership THEY FIRE HIS ASS not give excuses! Only in the Police force do they give excuses and put him on suspension (paid vacation is what its called by the cops with a smirk).

Jack from Scarborough
love your post keep up the great work.

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