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“Piece-of-shit Cops... We got too-many Piece-of-shit Cops”…

Yes yes, I seem to be going with a song theme in my latest post titles (this latest one taken from Adam Sandler’s “Piece-of shit Car”)… Don’t ask me why, I just write what comes to mind… And when I think of the former Toronto Police Officer who’s the topic of this entry, I guess “Piece of Shit” comes to mind…

I wonder how deep this ‘Good old boys’ virus has really infected our Political and Judicial systems here in Canada.. I mean, how heinous does a crime have to be, to not have the unspoken “2-Tier” system apply when it comes to Justice?

This latest story in my series about Toronto Police Corruption is a perfect example of how bad things truly are… And it shows that it’s not just happening at the Police level, but it goes up to the Crown Prosecutor and eventually to the Judges themselves. It’s almost scary to see things like this happening in our “Modern” society.

Former Toronto cop jailed for sex crimes


“For eight years, a former decorated Toronto police officer [former ‘Toronto Police Officer of the Year’ no less] committed dozens of sexual acts against children and young teens, all of them friends of his young daughters… MacCallum committed 80 sexual acts over eight years against his vulnerable victims… He used his talents as a police officer to prey on young children... There were multiple despicable incidents”.

“[The] Court heard that MacCallum violated his victims in a number of ways, ranging from massages to fondling their breasts and even penetrating them with his fingers.”

And what was his punishment for the 80 sexual acts (that we know of) that he performed on children you ask??

“Justice Peter Wilkie sentenced the 53-year-old to a year in a provincial jail for sexual offences against 11 girls aged 5 to 15 between 1996 and 2004.”

So, “a year” in jail is his punishment for Raping and Molesting 11 young girls? This is the justice that we should expect from our justice system??

Well, if you’re a Toronto Police Officer, that’s what it appears to be…


1 year wasn’t what the Crown was trying to get for punishment for this shameless disgraced Police scum.. The Crown asked for 2 years in prison and it got Rejected by the Judge, and Reduced to just “a year”.

“Wilkie rejected the Crown's bid for a two-year sentence and a defence request for house arrest, telling a Brampton court his “opportunistic” crimes warranted custody. But he said MacCallum’s incarceration had to also reflect his need for continuing life-saving medical care and his profound remorse.”

First of all, after what he did to those young girls, his health really shouldn’t be a consideration whatsoever, so lets scratch that off the list right away as BS. Secondly his “profound remorse” you say? Give me a break.. You mean his profound remorse for GETTING CAUGHT. You see, he didn’t turn himself in, which would have at least supported his statement that he had profound remorse. He was arrested after the girls reported him. So we’ll mark that down as CRAP as well.

As far as I can see, reducing the sentence was in no way justified whatsoever. This has the stink of ‘good old boys’ all over it.

Why don’t we look at a similar case with a non Police Officer that was recently in the news, and see if it plays out the same –just in case I’m crazy or something..

INTERNET CHILD PORN: St. Thomas man ordered to serve seven years for abusing daughter


This piece-of-shit got caught sexually abusing his daughter and unknowingly showing it to an undercover police officer online, and he got 7 years.

7 years - though still not enough in my opinion - is more reasonable…

This Toronto Police Officer Molested 11 GIRLS!!!! And he gets 1 YEAR??

You tell me if you think we don’t have a 2-tier system.


After looking into this further, I found out that in order for the Cop to accept that 2 year deal, the Crown had to agree to let go of some other significant charges..

“MacCallum was facing a total of 25 charges, but Crown prosecutor Toni Skarica withdrew the remaining 15, which included uttering threats and possession of child pornography.”

So, via under-the-table deals, they removed his charges for UTTERING THREATS to the girls (and families of the girls) if they came forward and reported him; AND also for his POSSESION of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (so not only was he raping and molesting these young girls, but he was also creating and distributing his proverbial trophies to be viewed later).

How those charges could be just let go is yet another mystery to me.. Stench of ‘good old boys’ resurfacing…


Let’s move on to the disturbing Police aspect of this horrible story. Let’s call it, Intimidation.

Because he was a Toronto Police Officer, the victims (and families of the victims) almost didn’t come forward to report him out of fear (of him being a Cop)…

“As disturbing as the sexual assaults were, even more chilling was the fact that many of his victims' parents knew their children were being molested but didn't report it. They were afraid of what might happen to them because he was a policeman with friends on the force "with guns," according to a parent whose daughter was just 5 when she was molested in 1998. "We thought this would be swept under the covers because of who he was. This was a man we trusted. You're supposed to trust police officers. Who do we tell our kids to go to?"”

“Initially, many of the girls were afraid to come forward to police. In some cases, the victim's parents feared for the family's safety because MacCallum was a police officer.”

“A few parents of his victims knew what he had done but never reported his actions because they didn't want to ruin his career. Others feared reprisals from fellow officers.”

You see, in a system like ours -the way it is today, we’re just opening the doors for things like this to continue to happen.

I mean, the Police can do almost anything nowadays safely knowing that the public wouldn’t dare to report them (out of fear). And apparently even if they do report them now, the super-team of the Crown and the Judge will pave the way for the Cop to get as soft a slap-on-the-wrist as possible.

And these are the people who are supposed to be Protecting and Serving us??

And to think that whenever I even dare to whisper anything about "Toronto Police being corrupt", I’m looked at as being “way out-of-line”…

I hope this is starting to open some eyes (hint hint brainwashed cattle)..

We can’t let injustices like this continue to happen. Police are Police, but, they are also regular people as well. They shouldn’t be above-the-law and shouldn’t ever be allowed to ‘discount’ their way out of justice.

And this ‘good old boy’ unspoken agreement between the Police, the Crown and the Judges (not to mention within our Politicians as well) needs to be disbanded.

Let’s get passed this first step of “Denial” people!


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