Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally, Progess!!

Police crack down on downtown jaywalkers


For those who've been following my comments on the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun, you know that this is exactly what I've been asking for.

"As of noon on Wednesday, 26 tickets had been issued at the intersection of Bay and Front.; earlier in the morning, 30 tickets were doled out to law-breaking pedestrians at Dundas St. W. and Victoria St."

“It’s kind of fair, I shouldn’t have run across,” Antonio said somewhat sheepishly after getting his ticket. “I guess it’s a lesson to learn.”

"For Toronto police, this is exactly the kind of attitude adjustment they’re hoping to achieve with their new traffic-safety initiatives. The push comes after a particularly deadly month for pedestrians across the GTA. So far this year, 14 people have died trying to cross the street, seven of them in Toronto."

There is no better Educational Tool than the lessons learned from losing money.  And you can quote me on that one.

It's just too bad that it took 14 people to die, before the Police actually started doing their jobs and Enforcing the laws by ticketing these law-breaking Pedestrians.

And to all of the people who lashed at me for saying that the Government is responsible for Educating Pedestrians on the rules of the road, and it's the Police's responsibility to Enforce it, now what do you have to say BITCHES??!!

Like it or not, everything that I've stated in this Blog and on Message Boards is REALITY.  When you listen, positive things happen, as is being shown today.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, you're a total idiot.Your comment was "as for your situation, the reason that drivers are almost hitting you when making left turns is because you are trying to cross after the "little man" signal has finished...." Actually, the "little man" was fully white on each occasion, but maybe your crystal ball was a little cloudy which made it hard for you to see something you weren't there to witness but state as if it were fact.

My challenge stands, park the car and become a pedestrian for a week and you'll see first hand that even if you practice safety and take precaution you'll still run into drivers who aren't paying attention.

Will you accept the challenge or just spew more verbal diarrhea? As for your REALITY, lol keep dreaming sunshine.

jackandcokewithalime said...

So you say jsvez67, so you say...

You see jsvez67, you assume that I'm not a Pedestrian, "but state [it] as if it were fact", (to quote you).

And you call me a "total idiot"??? Yeah...

I am both a Motorist and a Pedestrian, and in both cases, all I see is Pedestrians causing chaos and mayhem on the roads all day.

Why don't you answer me this, of the 14 Pedestrian deaths that have happened this year, how many Drivers were charged??? 2, incase you're wondering..

So, 2/14 = 14% the Driver's fault. 12/14 = 86% the Pedestrian's fault. So, about 90% of the time, it's the Pedestrians' fault!!

Do you need a crystal ball to understand that fact??!!!

Again, get back to reality bud.

Why don't you start by reading my blog and following my comments at the Star, the Sun and other message boards. That will help with that transition back from magic-fairy land.


Anonymous said...

You are a moron. Learn how to spell for a start. Why are you capitalizing "motorist" and "pedestrian"? And "burrying"? WTF is that?
Your math skills are also laughable. I see you have a penchant for rounding figures up. Perhaps you got confused from all those years of falsely inflating your IQ score.

jackandcokewithalime said...

jsvez67, you made me smile with that one. I'll at least give you that! ;)

All you got left is "wah wah wah"... Nothing useful left to say about the topic, eh?

What a joke.

Don't worry, you're still cool..