Friday, January 29, 2010

Winnipeg Police Beating Caught on Tape!

Vid shows officers attack man not resisting: judge


"Security tape of Winnipeg Police taking a suspect to the ground and beating him numerous times with punches to the head and kicks to his body."

"Police officers say Cody Bousquet was resisting arrest when they administered several punishing body blows to “lessen his resistance and gain compliance.”  A security video documenting the arrest paints a very different picture."

(As you can see in the video screenshot below, he is already on the ground surrendered before the police beating starts..)

"Four officers restrain Bousquet — who does not appear to be moving — and knee and punch him several times in the face and body.

He is then shocked twice with a Taser."

Now you tell me, are the Police in this Country Out of Conrol??  Or am I crazy?


(Images taken from video at:

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