Friday, January 22, 2010

More Sleeping TTC Workers...

Or as I like to call it, Too Easy.. Part 2!

Barely 24-hours after the first picture went public, it's happened again.
And can you believe the guts that Transit Union President Bob Kinnear had trying to politically-jargon his way out of the embarrassment the TTC has become.

"It is very discouraging that the picture-taker and, apparently, other customers, made no attempt to determine if there was anything wrong with this TTC employee. A simple knock on the glass might have determined if the collector was, in fact, asleep, or whether he was unconscious as a result of some medical problem. The reports that passengers were laughing at him as they passed by the booth makes this even more disturbing."
I give him credit for keeping a straight face and actually trying to seem sincere when he fed the press that bullshit.
According to his statement, we should probably be worried that there's some kind of lullaby-virus going around within the TTC staff that's putting them all to sleep at work.
This is a disgrace.
To think that they actually complain about the high-stress environment requiring paid stress-leave... Strong-arming City Hall with Strikes whenever they can, constantly holding the city hostage.
They're so full of themselves at this point, they don't even care about atleast keeping up appearances anymore.
The whole system in this city is a joke.
We tax payers are just suckers, getting raped, pillaged and plundered by these Pirates...

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Anonymous said...

And you think Vancouver the only city with PHS
(Pot Head Syndrome) Its all through society!

jackandcokewithalime said...

Yes yes, apparently! ;)