Friday, March 12, 2010

The 2010 Top 10 Richest People in the World, and in Canada

Forbes just released their list of the Richest People in the World, and Bill Gates is not on top of that list... It's not a surprise though, as it's well known that he's been giving away his fortune to charities... He has nothing left to prove..

But if you were assuming that Warrent Buffet was #1, then you are wrong!

Here's the list:

RICHEST IN THE WORLD (as per In Pictures: The Richest People in the World)

#1 Carlos Slim Helu - $53.5 billion - Telecom, Mexico
#2 Bill Gates - $53 billion - Microsoft, U.S.
#3 Warren Buffett - $47 billion - Investments, U.S.
#4 Mukesh Ambani - $29 billion - Petrochemicals, oil and gas. India.
#5 Lakshmi Mittal - $28.7 billion - Steel, India.
#6 Lawrence Ellison - $28 billion - Oracle, U.S.
#7 Bernard Arnault - $27.5 billion - Luxury goods, France.
#8 Eike Batista - $27 billion - Mining, oil. Brazil.
#9 Amancio Ortega - $25 billion - Fashion retail, Spain.
#10 Karl Albrecht - $23.5 billion - Supermarkets, Germany.
The story link noted above has further details on each of these Billionaires... In case you were curious..

RICHEST CANADIANS (as per Bill Gates no longer world's richest man)

#1 David Thomson - $19 billion
#2 Galen Weston - $7.2 billion
#3 Irving family - $4 billion
#4 Jim Pattison - $4 billion
#5 Paul Desmarais - $3.9 billion
#6 Bernard Sherman - $3.8 billion
#7 David Azrieli - $2.5 billion
#8 Guy Laliberté - $2.5 billion
#9 Robert Miller - $2.5 billion
#10 Emanuele Saputo - $2.4 billion included some further information about Canada's 24 Billionaires... Check out the story link above for further details..


(Images: (Bill Gates) (Warrent Buffet) (Carlos Slim Helu) (Mukesh Abani) (Lakshmi Mittal)
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Anonymous said...

Not to be racial, but a point on how the world is changing: from a world that was completely dominated (economically) by one race, and now? Now 3 out of the top 5 richest people in the whole world are people of what we call in the west "minority", or people who are part of the non-dominant race.
This shows us how more and more we are becoming people of earth, or people of the world, racial lines are blurring, inter-racial marriages are no longer taboo - soon we will all be considered children of the world.

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