Friday, March 12, 2010

24 is Cancelled?? No!!!

No, I'm not joking!! News reports are coming out that Fox has decided to cancel 24, making this season its last...

Here's the story from

Fox reportedly cancelling '24'

Studio bosses are planning to axe the real time show, which stars Kiefer Sutherland as a federal agent, after eight seasons following a decrease in ratings and a spike in production costs.
This is a sad sad day for Television...


PS: Apparently they're talking about a 24 movie, but it won't be the same...

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Anonymous said...

Thank GOD (or any version of authority you choose to believe) that is show is finally over.

I had to admit, I watched and was hooked to the first season. After that I could not get over the constant state of emergency, the stupid format of the "count down", and the fact that they want me to believe that this was reality.

Its about time this valuable air space is freed up and hopefully replaced with something interesting (honestly season after season of the same sh*t – I don’t know how you people do it)

This show is over you say??? Yeah!!!! time to celebrate :-D