Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harper Looking to Take Away Canadians' Basic Rights and Freedoms

Well folks, we are now footsteps away from becoming Communist Russia or even Nazi Germany, if Prime Minister Harper and his Government get their way with their latest proposal...

News is coming out that the Harper Government is looking to remove our most Basic of Rights and Freedoms, namely:

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice. (Section 7 of Charter)

Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure. (Section 8 of Charter)

Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned. (Section 9 of Charter)
The Harper Government has just submitted a proposal to allow the Police to be able to pull over and question any Canadian anytime, without any kind of required reasoning or probable cause to do so, all under the guise of "random roadside breath testing"..

Yes, this manipulation is the latest tactic by our Government to slowly convert Canada into a Police State, where everyone will be subject to constant unjustified and unwarranted questioning, searches and blatant infringements on our basic human rights and freedoms. Rights that our great country was founded on...

Here's the story from the National Post:

Tories revive random roadside breath test
Critics fear racial profiling

The Harper government appears ready to move ahead with imposing random roadside breath testing...

The proposal has encountered skepticism, however, with civil liberties proponents warning that the new legislation could give police the power to detain drivers without reasonable grounds or suspicion.

"The reality is that it creates a bit of a police-state mentality in which an innocent person can be subjected to a whole host of testings," said Edward Prutschi, a Toronto criminal lawyer.

"One's going to have to put an awful lot of faith in the typical officer on the road because they are going to be given a dramatically expanded discretion -- basically absolute carte blanche -- to stop anyone, anywhere, anytime and demand breath alcohol testing."

Kirk Tousaw, a member of the board of directors of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, says his organization would oppose any changes to the Criminal Code that would allow police to engage in "widespread violations to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

"I'm dismayed that the government of Canada cares so little about basic rights and freedoms that it would even contemplate this type of legislation," he said, noting that a major problem with random stops is that they are easily susceptible to abuse.

"You can certainly see where some police officers could engage in racial or socioeconomic profiling. These are the kinds of abuses that are part of the reason these stops are not permissible."
Yes yes, we're going to "have to put an awful lot of faith in the typical officer"... The same typical officers who are being found guilty for Corruption every single day in every single city across Canada... Yes, let's put our Basic Rights and Freedoms into their hands...

This proposal is the scariest thing I've seen, since the Toronto Police forced citizens to allow them to search their homes without any kind of warrant or probable cause when searching for that missing girl (forced, because if they didn't comply, they were added onto a list of people who were automatic suspects... Doesn't that sound like typical Communist Russia or Nazi Germany to you?). A search by the way that turned up nothing, except the violations of countless Toronto Citizens' Rights and Freedoms..

Now, you have to watch out for the manipulation in this one. "Oh, they're doing it to help in the reduction of Drunk Drivers in Canada". Yeah, sure, that's what it's for.. It's not like we don't already have RIDE programs that the Police and Government Rave about every holiday, that they snagged X number of drunk drivers and yada yada... I guess that's not really working then, is that what they're saying?

No, it's all just crap. This is a way for the Government and the Police to be able to eliminate that need to perform their duties in a just manner, where they need evidence and probable cause before they can harass an individual. Yes, why should the Police have to do their jobs, when they can now just pull over anyone who doesn't abide and go down on their knees and open wide for these Police Officers, anytime they request it?... If you don't smile and bow your head every time you pass a Police Car, you better be ready to be pulled over and harassed by the Police, and there's nothing you can do about it.

This actually sounds very similar to what the Taliban had going on in Afghanistan. They had their religious police, who went around harassing anyone they felt like, for no reason other than they didn't like the way those people looked, or the way they spoke, or the clothes they were wearing, or the music they were listening to, or even just the fact that they had a smile on their face. This is where we are going with this new legislation.

I hope you're ready for it.

And of course MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Drivers) is all for this... Those idiots are so blinded by their cause, that they don't care about a person's basic human rights being infringed upon. I can't wait until they are being pulled over and searched for no reason.

I know that I'll definitely be victimized by this... I can't wait until I'm being pulled over every time I turn onto the next street, because for some reason, the Police just love to harass me... I mean, they pretty much do that to me already, but now they'll be fully justified in doing so, and I'll actually have to thank them after they remove the plastic glove from their hands -freshly withdrawn from my ass..

Thank you Mr. Harper, you have really done us all a great service with this one..

And you know what's actually pretty funny about this one? Not even 2 days ago, one of Harper's cronies, Mr. Rahim Jaffer, got off of Drunk Driving and Cocaine Possession charges with a $500 fine, essentially skipping his way out of being punished for exactly the thing that Harper's new legislation is suppose to help with. Already we see examples of favoritism and elitism in his Government, and we are suppose to be able to trust that the same people won't be exploiting these rules when it comes to our Basic Rights and Freedoms???

Yeah, I truly don't think so Bud!

So, what can we do to prevent this? Well, I read the following:

The Justice Department is inviting public input on the idea of random sobriety tests and federal officials plan to meet this month and next with provincial ministers and other experts to measure support. The federal government has posted a discussion paper on its website weighing the benefits of random testing and seeking feedback by the end of April.
Here is a link to the Justice Department's Discussion Document Site.

And here is what you should do if you disagree with this new legislation:

Responses to the specific consultation questions posed in this paper, as well as more general comments, are welcome until Friday April 30, 2010. Responses can be submitted via email to , or by mail to:

Impaired driving consultation
Criminal Law Policy Section
Department of Justice
East Memorial Building
284 Wellington
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1A 0H8

We thank you in advance for your participation in this important consultation, and look forward to receiving your views.
Read the doc and send them emails and mail in regards to how you feel about it! Make your voice heard people!!


PS: And in case you're wondering, I've already submitted my feelings to that email address.

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Anonymous said...

just wrote myself, thanks for the story - this is absurd.

Anonymous said...

This is insane!! I will definitely write my feedback.

Thank you for the information; Although some posts are slightly long, I find myself informed when I read them.

Agreeing with Anonymous 2 - wroth the read!!!

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