Saturday, March 13, 2010

NBC May Rescue 24!!!

It's looking like a dumb move by Fox, may end up becoming a huge win for NBC, a network that needs a win real badly right now after the whole Conan-Leno fiasco..

Here's the story from

NBC may make time for '24'

24 may live to see another day after all.

Multiple sources confirm to me exclusively that 20th Century Fox has approached NBC about picking up the series should Fox opt to cancel it — and the Peacock is considering it. “There’s definitely some interest,” says an insider close to the talks.
Isn't this so typical of 24?  Just when you think all is lost, Jack always comes back to save the day!

Let's hope that NBC comes through on this one... Either that, or let's hope that Fox comes to their senses...


(Image: by DarkChacal on flickr

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