Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MP Helena Guergis is a disgrace... How stupid does she think Canadians are?

MP Helena Guergis and her coke-head drunk-driving husband former MP Rahim Jaffer have been all over the news lately. Him with his exercising of his get-out-of-jail-free-card apparently given to all members of the so-called "political upper-crust" of Canadian society. And her with her un-punished lashing of Airline Security Staff for putting her through the normal security protocols that everyone has to go through. Not to mention her elitist attitude driving her into calling Prince Edward Island a "hellhole".

Well, the latest drama that's coming out in regards to this disgrace of a Canadian Political Power Couple, is how Guergis has been getting her staff to send letters "undercover" to various publications around the country, with the goal of defending her under the guise of being Jane-public-average-citizen (please see below for copies of the actual letters). The letters start by defending Guergis against the various lashes that she got from some article from the news publication, and then continues to go on and on about various accolades that she's received, how she's a great MP, and also how her and her husband are great Canadians and etc.

Guergis of course is blatantly denying that she knew anything about these letters, and says that her staff did this all on their own (while going to the extreme lengths of using fake names or unknown aliases when they sign their letters)...

Now, I'm assuming that I'm not the only one who doesn't believe even a word of this crap from Guergis. Especially given the fact that her douchebag husband is notoriously known for sending his Assistants to do interviews while pretending to be him (Jaffer to apologize to House of Commons).

She's just taken his strategy, added a twist, and is now definitely employing it with her staff..

Here's the story from the Vancouver Sun:

Second Guergis staffer admits writing letter in praise of boss

Another staff member of junior cabinet minister Helena Guergis has admitted to writing a praising letter to a publication without identifying herself as an employee, and the minister didn't know about that one either, her office said Wednesday.

Valerie Knight, an assistant in Guergis's constituency office in Alliston, Ont., wrote a letter to Maclean's magazine 2 1/2 weeks ago, defending her boss and listing a number of recent accolades Guergis had received.

Knight, who did not disclose in the letter that she works for the MP whose riding lies north of Toronto, told the magazine on Tuesday that she sees no conflict-of-interest and was exercising free speech. She said she was unaware that her colleague in the Collingwood, Ont., constituency office was also writing glowing letters about their boss to local newspapers.

That employee, Jessica Craven, acknowledged Tuesday she wrote several letters under her married name Jessica Morgan, a name she does not use for her professional life. Several letters were published in Collingwood newspapers and Craven did not disclose her personal connection to Guergis in any of them.

Guergis was put on the defensive in the House of Commons over the issue Tuesday when it was raised by Liberal MP Wayne Easter, who called for her to be kicked out of cabinet.

Guergis said what Craven did was "inappropriate" and that it won't happen again.
It's ridiculous that Guergis is still a cabinet minister after all of this drama with her and her husband. And as we've seen over the past few months, this is never-ending... I mean, how can a person still be legitimate politician after calling one our country's most beautiful destinations a "hellhole"? -->  I take offence to that comment myself, even though I'm a Torontonian... I've been to PEI and it is amazing! I'm always telling my girl that I would love to go to PEI and retire there... It's my dream to one day run into Chef Michael Smith (from the Food Network's Chef at Home) and be invited over to his house for the best dinner of my life... Well, it's a dream, what can I say?... Yes yes, I love food and therefore dream about it... What a sad, sad person I am.. Yes, I admit it...


I know you are dying to see the letters that both Knight and Craven/Morgan wrote, so I did some looking around and I found them! Here they are for your viewing pleasure (you see, who's looking out for the curiosity in you, huh?):

Valerie Knight's Letter
Letter: Fan Mail - Ms. Knight's Note
In Response to Article: Jaffer & Guergis: a power couple, unplugged
News Publication:  MACLEANS.CA

Dear Sir/Madame

I just finished reading your article about the “power couple, unplugged”. If I am not mistaken it was your magazine that deemed them to be a “power couple” but I don’t see any mention of Helena Guergis accomplishments. In March at the UN Min Guergis along with 2 other ministers (one from Mexico and one from Austria), were given an award for their commitment to the Global Network of Women’s Shelters; February 2010 Min. Guergis was speaking at the Economic Club in Toronto. While there the Women’s Post presented her with an award for going above and beyond in helping others, in her community and other women, Flare magazine recently recognized her for leadership and commitment to Equal Voice and in 2009 the Women’s Business Enterprise Council presented her with an International Luminary award for her outstanding works with We Connect Canada.

Power couple – I don’t know. Smart, hard working, accomplished – you bet.

Valerie Knight

Jessica Craven/Morgan's Letter #1
In Response to Article: Private school grant spawns citizen's group
News Publication:  Collingwood's The Enterprise-Bulletin

Posted 8 months ago


For those selfish immature people in the community who are really fussing over nothing with regards to the funding received by Pretty River Academy -- I would like to ask them to grow up and stop pointing fingers.

If the Town of Collingwood had been successful in their application for RInC funding, would this be an issue? No, it would not. You all sound like spoiled brats.

Do you actually think that MP Guergis would endorse one application over another? Do you even know how this works? Why don't you check the facts before you make your empty accusations?

Has anyone given MP Guergis credit for the almost $20 million dollars of funding she has brought to the riding of Simcoe-Grey this year? Does everyone have such short memories that they forget that she announced a $2 million investment in the Town of Collingwood Downtown revitalization project?

Don't try to make this about elitist favouritism. There are few people in this community that have forgotten that we don't live in a bubble. The same children and parents affiliated with Pretty River academy live, work and play here, too. They also use our community centres and arenas. It works both ways.

In Canada, the best nation in the world, we have CHOICE. That is what makes us a free country and if all I have to worry about is whether my kids choose to play at one soccer field today and another tomorrow, then I am one happy Canadian.


Wasaga Beach

Jessica Craven/Morgan's Letter #2
In Response to Article: Kenney Defends Public Service Record
News Publication:  Collingwood's The Enterprise-Bulletin

Posted 6 months ago

What a scary place it would be if Lorne Kenney's vision of accountability and fairness were realistic. It was this government who introduced the toughest accountability legislation this country has ever seen.

Out of all of this nonsense, your claims are the ones that are baseless and disrespectful... and not just towards MP Guergis but to the very fabric of our country.

Like Pretty River Academy, not-for-profit agencies across our vast and dynamic country provide precious support and education for our communities and families : YMCA, Alzheimer Society, Cancer Society, Canadian Breast Cancer Society, local women's institutes, Banting Research Foundation and MADD Canada to name a few. In our area alone we have many clubs and associations who work tirelessly on a volunteer basis to support a particular cause and educate the community: Collingwood Optimist Club, Beaver Valley Outreach, Breaking Down Barriers, Collingwood Environment Network and the Salvation Army.

What you are saying is that our not-for-profit organizations are not worthy of taxpayer support!

Why don't you stop playing political games in order to advance your own interests.

You are making a huge issue out of nothing. Your shortsighted and futile attempt to disrespect MP Guergis in order to advance your own political career only reaffirms the reason that voters placed their confidence in her the last election.

Thank you for pointing out the obvious.


Wasaga Beach

Pretty amusing stuff, eh?


(Image: by Jake Wright, The Hill Times)


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