Monday, March 8, 2010

Rob Ford Video Shows All Disgraceful Toronto City Councillor Perks!!

Rob Ford released a video on YouTube where he went through his various Toronto City Councillor Perks, explaining exactly what each one is, and how our beloved City Councillors continue to exploit these perks every year.  This video is a MUST WATCH for all Toronto Tax-Paying Citizens!

If you haven't read my post, Toronto City Councillors Believe they're Above Paying Taxes..., check it out.  It's a great preamble to this video.

Here it is:

Imagine, he estimates that these perks cost Toronto citizens approximately $30 Million every year!!!

And Budget Chief Shelley Carroll claims they've "cut the fat" from the budget?? Remember when Citizen, John Smith, got lashed by Councillor Paula Fletcher when asking about the 4% property tax increase?  She asked him if they should remove the "breakfast for children" programs at the schools in order to stop the tax increase?? She asked about stopping the Transit City program so people can't get downtown??? (See the video of this at Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher's Budget Meeting Outburst Video is Out!!) All the while, they have this $30 Million in perks that they use every year, and they haven't even considered cutting any of that?? Not to mention that they're implementing new user fees for children to go swimming in public pools and raising the cost of children's summer camps... I have to say, their actions as our City Councillors are almost criminal.

Rob Ford is truly the man!  He doesn't use any of the City Councillor Budget provided, he's against the perks that the Councillors receive, and he's one of the only Councillors who goes into those meetings and fights for us tax payers.  If you haven't visited his website yet at, you seriously have to, to at least review the Councillor Expenses that he has posted there (it's very comprehensive), and also to review how each Councillor has voted in all previous Council Meetings.  Believe me, it's very, very enlightening.




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