Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's wrong with the Police in Vancouver & Victoria??!!!

Already we heard about the Vancouver Police who beat that innocent Asian fellow for no reason other than the fact that he was the wrong Asian in the wrong place at the wrong time (for that story see The Police are Out of Control!)...

But now we're hearing about this latest Police Beating that was captured on video and posted on YouTube about Victoria Police beating citizens who had already voluntarily surrendered??

Here's the video.

Why don't you judge for yourself whether it was warranted or not... I'm assuming the Police will say that he was resisting arrest, like they always do...

It sort of brings their entire argument about people "resisting arrest" into question, doesn't it? Every single time a person ends up injured or beaten by Police, it's because they were "resisting arrest".. Yet, whenever a video is captured of this alleged "resistance", there never actually seems to be any resistance at all... I mean, most of the time they've already gone down on the ground and surrendered (as was the case here, and also the case in that Winnipeg Police Department beating, story here: Winnipeg Police Beating Caught on Tape!)...

It's an all too convenient excuse that the Police can use all to often... And they do, every single time...

Am I wrong?

Anyway, here's the Victoria Police Department Beating story from the Toronto Star, if you're interested..

Victoria Police investigate after YouTube shows violent arrest

The Victoria Police Department is investigating its own officers after a violent arrest was caught on camera and posted to YouTube.

...The 56-second YouTube clip appears to show one officer repeatedly kicking a man who’s already been restrained.

...The man who was kicked in the head was taken to hospital but has since been released and is not co-operating with police. The six men who were taken into custody were released without charges.
So, he's "not co-operating with police" eh? Hmm... I wonder why? And to top it all off, everyone who was arrested and beaten down by the Police, ended up getting released with no charges... So at the end of the day, this entire case of Police beating innocent people, turns out that they did so for no reason...


Image: Screenshot taken from YouTube video noted above)


Arina said...

What's ridiculous is that I've seen this happen in Toronto. Yes the person may have been intoxicated, but the police (all 12 of them) gave the guy a concussion.

A concussion? And no charges. Thanks for "protecting our citizens" guys.

Anonymous said...

At least they are not blaming the citizens for capturing the video (sounds familiar??)

- On a serious note, this is very scary

Unknown said...

I was beat by the vic pd & got charged with resisting

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