Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher's Budget Meeting Outburst Video is Out!!

The National Post just released the video footage of Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher's shameful outburst at last night's Public Operating Budget Consultation (the story:  Communist Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher Disgraces Herself at Budget Meeting).

The video actually starts about 2 minutes before the audio content we heard earlier today from NewsTalk 1010 (Paula Fletcher Budget Meeting Audio MP3).  It's worth the watch if you're following the story.. 

Here it is, enjoy!

Also, here's the apology that Paula Fletcher issued today, in case you didn't hear it (from NewsTalk 1010: Fletcher Apologizes to Taxpayers).



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Anonymous said...

It disgusts me to see how certain people allow authority to get to their heads and believe that they have a right to yell, scream, and act inappropriately.
What surprises me was the applause she was receiving, regardless of her actions, but based on her words. REALLY???? Applause??? Come on people, what exactly are you applauding???