Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hospital Deathbed Robbing Scumbag Is Calling and Taunting the Toronto Police!!

I'm sure you heard about those 2 scumbags who robbed that dying elderly lady at the Toronto East General Hospital the other day, but if you didn’t, here's the story from the Toronto Star, One man arrested, another sought in hospital deathbed theft.

To quickly summarize, the 83-year old lady was on her deathbed at the hospital dying from brain cancer, when in her final moments, Isaac Lewkowicz (29) and Marcos Marinoni (26) came into her room while she was unconscious and stole $7000 worth of jewellery that she had there. Apparently she had been robbed at her home recently, and that’s why she had brought her remaining jewellery with her to the hospital.

Lewkowicz, who’s facebook page is at Isaac Lewkowicz - Facebook (where he claims to have a “good heart” in the "About Me" section -see the PS section below for the full text), was arrested and charged with theft, conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, failure to comply with probation, and also possession of heroin and marijuana.

Marcos Marinoni is still on the loose, and the latest news coming out is that he’s been busy using payphones all over the town to call and taunt the Detectives from the Toronto Police who are on his case!!

Here’s the story from the Toronto Sun:

Hospital robber taunts police
'You can't catch me,' he tells officers

A fugitive sought in the hospital deathbed robbery of an elderly woman has been taunting detectives with phone calls in which he claims he can’t be caught.

“He has called a couple times already today,” said Det. Chris Higgins, of 54 Division. “He calls from different phones from across the city.”

The suspect says to police “you can’t catch me” and hangs up, Higgins said.
Is this really happening?? This disgraceful douche who robbed a dying unconscious elderly lady in a hospital, thinks he’s like Hannibal Lecter or something?? Calling and taunting the detectives who are working on his case… You know, that’s something that I’ll never understand about these idiot criminals… You commit a crime and then you immediately leave town. Why do you stick around?? Especially if it’s a crime that’s as heinous as this one… And this scumbag not only stays in town, but he uses payphones from all over to call and taunt the cops?? Wow, a whole new level of stupidity…

I’m sure it won’t be long before he gets caught… His crackhead friends will probably sell him out as soon he runs out of dope.

I wonder how much street cred you get in prison for robbing sick and dying old ladies in the hospital…


PS: Here is the text from Lewkowicz's About Me section on his facebook page (I figured I would capture it before they make his page private, or remove it entirely):

there is so much about me,the good and the bad.the truth is untill two months ago the bad of me was much more then the im happy to say that all the bad of me was left behind,and a new person is here to stay for good:) im in school right now working on my GED to get a high school diploma and after my plans are to continue studying in cologe or university. im honest and i have a good heart witch somtimes gets me in truble.i like to meet people and go out alot even if its just to hang out for a cup of coffee.i love to sleep and i love my bed very much and even much more when im not alone in it!!!!

(Image: Marcos Marinoni from the Toronto Police website)

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