Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keep Your Head Up, Kid - The Don Cherry Story - Part 1 was Great!

I just finished watching Part 1 of CBC's Keep Your Head Up, Kid - The Don Cherry Story, and I thought it was great!

I've always wondered myself about Don's story, and there's nothing better than a movie like this to truly show us how Don grew into the Canadian Hero that he is today.

I think the kid who's acting as Don is doing a great job! He's incorporated all of those idiosyncrasies that Don is so famous for, and I really enjoyed seeing that.

And that Coach Shore with the hangman's goalie trick and the cure for a broken toe... Those scenes were priceless.

I really can't wait for the next part tomorrow.

If you missed it, you definitely have to try and catch it when it comes on again. It was a pleasure to watch, especially if you're a Don Cherry fan, a hockey fan, or just a good old Canadian kid (of any age).

Congrats Don! Great show so far!



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