Friday, March 5, 2010

Anaheim Ducks GM being Sued for Smashing Woman with Chair!!!

TMZ is reporting that Anaheim Ducks GM, Bob Murray, is being sued for smashing a TV Stage Manager with a chair after they lost to the Detroit Red Wings in Game 7 of last year's NHL Playoffs...

Here's the story:

NHL Exec Accused of Bashing Woman After Loss

The woman -- Rachel Paris -- is suing the team, as well as their GM Bob Murray, claiming Murray went into a "fit of rage" after the Ducks lost to the Detroit Red Wings last year.

According to the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Michigan, Murray "picked up a high back chair and struck [Rachel] thereby knocking [Rachel] to the ground."
I guess when Disney sold the Mighty Ducks, so went the G Rating with it!

Apparently she is looking for $75,000 in damages!


PS: The Toronto Sun also had an article on it which included some further details. Here it is: Ducks GM accused of injuring woman.



Anonymous said...

They are a few things that dont add up in this woman's "story":

1) She is also suing the team because: "they had a duty to ensure that proper measures and protocols were in place to help curtail Bob Murray's violent and aggressive nature."; okay, so the team is to insure that there are no chairs in sight? How about tables? or pictures on the wall (we all know they can be a hazard as well)? Come on!!!

2) How did Bob Murray develope a reputation of having a "violent and aggressive nature" ?? past incidents??

3) Did'nt the Ducks win the cup in 2007???

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