Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Communist Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher Disgraces Herself at Budget Meeting

The former Communist Party of Manitoba Leader Paula Fletcher (yes, it's true!!!), showed her true colours at last night's Public Operating Budget Consultation at City Hall.

You see, City Councillors are use to having meetings with only yes-men supporters and lobbyists, whose only goal is to kiss their feet and not to question their actions.

This time at this meeting however, many concerned tax paying citizens showed up - upset about the latest budget and the increases in User Fees and Taxes across the board (while services provided in return only decreased) - and demanded answers.

Well, Commie Paula Fletcher decided that instead of answering the actual questions posed to her by the public, she would berate and insult them instead by throwing constant red herrings at them which had nothing to do with the questions. Her main tool in her responses to the public was to just scream louder when they asked questions and questioned her answers, and eventually threatened them by asking for their names...

Sounds like Paula is still down with the communist form of public treatment.  If they dare to ask questions, take their names so they can be dealt with later...

Here is my best attempt at capturing the text of the discussion at the Budget Meeting (from an excerpt of the audio provided at the NewsTalk 1010 website.  A link to the audio mp3 is provided below):

Paula Fletcher: Are you aware the food and the schools is funded 12% from the city, 12% from the province and the rest of it, by community? Are you aware of that?

Concerned Citizen: I'm not aware of those precise percentages, no.

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Final Question Councillor Fletcher.

Paula: That's right! And would you suggest we cut our 12%?

Concerned Citizen: Look Councillor, I'm not going to answer another one of your specific questions, but I will say to you and the other councillor.. (cut-off by Paula)

Paula: My final question is, there's many young people here tonight who haven't driven down here like you, should we cut transit city so they can't get down from North York and Rexdale and Malvern??? Is that your suggestion?? Is that your suggestion??

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Final Question Councillor Fletcher!

Paula: Is that your suggestion tonight?

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Councillor Fletcher!!

Paula: Called down here by the John Tory show!!

Concerned Citizen: Actually, Actually.. (cut-off by Paula)

Paula: Is that it?? Is that your suggestion??

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Councillor Fletcher!!

Concerned Citizen: Actually Councillor, I walked, I walked!!

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Councillor Fletcher, I'm asking you.. (cut-off by Paula)

Paula: Oh you walked?! Called down by the John Tory show!!

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Councillor Fletcher! Councillor Fletcher!!! I will get your answer for you.. I am asking you to calm yourself down.. (cut-off by Paula)

Paula: Called down by the John Tory show from the RO-TUNDA here tonight!!

Concerned Citizen: You should be fired!!

Paula: Oh, come and run against me!! COME ON DOWN BAAAABBBBBBBYYYYYY!!!

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Councillor Fletcher! Councillor Fletcher!!!

Concerned Citizen: It's pretty obvious to me Councillor why.. You would come to the public without a show of appease like this (cut-off by Paula)

Paula: Excuse me!!

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Councillor Fletcher!! Councillor!! You asked him a question Councillor Fletcher, you will have to let him answer! Thank you.

AM640 Reporter: Come on down to AM640 and.. (cut-off by Paula)

Paula: What's your name man???!!! Come on down!!

Concerned Citizen: You want to know my name??

Moderator (Budget Chief Shelley Carroll): Councillor Fletcher!! Councillor Fletcher!! We... back for tomorrow's deputation but, we're kind of hoping you get a good night's sleep between now and then.
Here is a link to the Paula Fletcher Budget Meeting Audio MP3 from the NewsTalk 1010 website. I would suggest that you listen to it, so you can hear the tone and disrespect that Paula had for the taxpaying public.

In addition to this disgraceful and defiant behaviour by Paula Fletcher at the meeting, we also saw Budget Chief Shelley Carroll's inability to control the meeting and Councillor Fletcher. 

Maybe before Shelley Carroll tries to run for Mayor to control an entire city, she should try and learn how to control a meeting between city council and the public!


PS:  The video of her shameful outburst just came out!  Here it is:  Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher's Budget Meeting Outburst Video is Out!!

http://dufferinpark.ca/research/wiki/uploads/CityHall/pfletcher.jpg (Paula Fletcher)
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Anonymous said...

Paula Fletcher makes me ill!!!!

Anonymous said...

here's a typical left wing looney. If left alone they would put streetcars all over the city. If the streetcars could not dirupt traffic to their liking, why then put more bike lanes and watch the result. She is the epitome of the rckless lunatic Miller administration. Too bad she was re-elected, with a small margin, mind you. She makes my blood boil. But do you expect from an ex commie.