Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As Expected, Canada Destroys Norway in Opener! Some Interesting Notes...

So, it wasn't the 27-0 lashing we were all hoping for (wink wink), but it was still a dominant victory (8-0) and definitely a great chance for Canada to build some chemistry and get their feet wet in this 2010 Olympics.

After a slow and scoreless first period where the Canadians appeared to be figuring things out and testing the Norwegians' abilities, they came back in the 2nd putting 3 past the Norwegian goaltender (who definitely played the game of his life in the 1st), and then put things away with 5 more in the 3rd.

It was a great game overall for Team Canada, and they have us all eagerly awating their next game on Thursday against the Swiss.

A few interesting notes for you (or at least interesting to me):

- Did you notice that there were no advertisements on the boards in the arena?? I thought that was odd, as that would have been a great chance for the IOC to make some badly needed money... (Maybe it's an Olympic policy thing, but still, you know?...)

- What, no 3 stars in the Olympics??

- The announcer mentioned that Crosby's #87 on his jersey represents his birthday, but in more than just the year, it's also with the month and day (August 7th, 1987 or 8-7-87)...

- That damn "olaaaaaaaaaaay, olay olay olay.." song!!! It's just too 'European Soccer' for me, and it just annoys me that they chose to play that song everytime we score a goal!

Now, I have nothing against the 'pro-olayers', and if I was anywhere in Europe at a 'football' game, I would be olaying right there with the next guy. But in hockey, it's well known that the "European"-type players are not known for their toughness (Don Cherry would back me on that), so playing this 'European Olayness' everytime we score, just doesn't feel right..

We need another cheer-type song to play when we score! Maybe that "duh na-na na-na, HEY!! duna na-na na-na.." song, that one always worked for me!


PS: We got another Gold Today!!! Congrats to Canada's Maelle Ricker for making us proud!!



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