Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't worry.. Canada's Loss only means More Hockey! ;)

Yes yes, the Americans pulled a quick one on us tonight... But, it's all good Canada. All this means is that we get to see more hockey!! ;)

Instead of going directly to the Quarter Finals, this means we’ll have to play in the Qualifying Round against Germany.. Ooooh, big deal.. Relax..

I'd almost prefer that, as now we won't be just sitting and waiting. We'll keep playing, becoming more humble, more hungry and also more desperate. And that's exactly what we need from our Canadian team right now.

By the way, Miller was on fire tonight!! Pretty much unbeatable... Believe me, if you're from Toronto, then you know all about that damn Miller!!

Keep your head up Canada! We still live to fight another day!


PS: Here's the format of the Tournament (courtesy of Wikipedia:, for those of you who are curious about what's going on, and what's happening next:

"The twelve teams in the men's event are seeded into three groups of four teams. In the Preliminary Round, a team plays one game against every other team in its own group (for a total of 18 Preliminary Round games). Following the completion of the preliminary round, the teams are ranked 1 through 12 based on the results. The top four ranked teams receive byes to the quarterfinals, with the remaining eight teams playing for the remaining four quarterfinal positions."
With this loss, we are one of those "remaining eight teams playing for the remaining four quarterfinal positions". We play Germany, and have to win in order to move on to the quarter finals. Team USA will be sitting nicely, waiting for us to join them..

"Following that, the final eight teams play elimination rounds to determine the gold and silver medals, and the two losing teams of the semi-finals play for the bronze medal."

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