Saturday, February 6, 2010

TTC Driver Caught Smoking in Workplace

Yes yes.. Remember when I said:

"Drivers are given breaks between their routes. I'm sure you see them when you're at the station, standing in the NO SMOKING area and having a smoke.."

Well, I took heat for it, but the next day you see photos of it in the news (and thank you public for continuing to capture these shots of slacking TTC workers! That's what's going to make a difference at the end-of-the-day).

New photo shows driver reportedly smoking


"A CTV News viewer submitted a photo he says shows a streetcar driver illegally smoking on transit commission property. The photo shows a driver standing next to a 505 streetcar at Dundas West station."
"The TTC's bylaws say smoking is not allowed on TTC property and anyone caught will be fined $195, plus a provincial surcharge of $35."
Yes yes, if it's a customer who's caught doing it, that would apply. But when a TTC Employee is doing it, the rules "could" apply.

"TTC spokesperson Ross said the commission could discipline an employee who is caught smoking. "We have expectations with respect to customers not smoking on TTC property. Everybody pretty much knows that and our employees know that as well," he said".
I'm still trying to understand what exactly he's trying to say with that statement... It's like
the spin he was trying to apply, just spun the statement out of control...

It sounds like TTC Spokesperson Ross is running out of excuses..

We'll see what happens with this one..


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