Thursday, February 11, 2010

Did you catch "The Middle" yesterday?

If you did, then you must of heard that shot that Axl (the sterotypical teenaged son) gave Sue (the braces-wearing teenaged daughter) in regards to the overblown makeup and outfit she was wearing for her first Valentine's Day Boy-Girl Party..

It absolutely killed me last night, so I had to comment on it today (to lighten things up around here...).

Sue was so excited about finally being invited to a boy-girl party, that she went completely overboard on her makeup and outfit, just like an innocent teenaged girl probably would...

As Axl was leaving the house to go on his date, he saw Sue and couldn't resist taking the shot:

"Hey Lady Gaga, I love your music!".



PS:  If you haven't watched Modern Family yet, oh, you have got to check it out!  It's definitely the best "family-friendly" sitcom on TV right now.  (I still give It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia the overall Funniest Show on Television Award... Though it's definitely not a show that children should watch.).

(Screenshots taken from ABC's The Middle - Episode 15 - Valentine's Day)

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