Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bones - Timely Toyota Product Placements

Yes yes, "Timely" as in a lot of time, at a very necessary time (for Toyota)..

Now, I don't watch Bones personally, but it's one of my girl's faves so I do have to sit through it occasionally. Usually I'll be working on my day-job work, or on jackandcokwithalime, but I still have to hear it.. And today unfortunately I still had to see it from my peripheral.

Episode we watched (she watched): Bones 5x14 - The Devil in the Details

If you watched this episode, you tell me, wasn't there a full 5 minutes of the program dedicated to product-placement for Toyota??? You would think that they could see the current crisis coming, and as such had this episode primed and ready! ;)

But seriously, this was some disgustingly blatant advertising.

I mean, the advertising was so good, that I was actually impressed by the features that the Bones lady was mentioning, like the "adaptive cruise control"!! That sounds legit!! Not to mention the voice controlled GPS which worked perfectly when she pronounced the destination (you just know that that would never happen so perfectly in real life). But again, very cool!

Anyway, I knew what was going on and actually started feeling dirty like I just got molested by the Fox Television Network and Toyota.. And as such, I got back to doing work.

"Product Placements" - The future of TV Advertising it seems..

I guess they've caught on that we all have PVRs and forward through the commercials nowadays..

Oh well... We'll always remember TV the way it was before it got polluted with in-program advertising..


(Images taken from: (Bones) (Toyota))


Ryan Chrzanowski said...

I'm actually a fan of the show, but I'm getting a little tired of the product placement. I'm all for companies trying new ways to get their products noticed, but this is getting a little crazy.

They have placed these "product placements" in about 5 episodes now including showing how the car parks itself. It is really starting to take away from the show and it also feels really forced. It's one thing to have a pepsi can in the shot, it's another to try and turn your favorite show into a used car salesman.

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