Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toronto Police Board Reviewing Bumbled Police Corruption Case

So, it looks like someone has been reading my blog.... No no, just kidding.. There's no way my drama was heard in regards to this, but nevertheless, it's still a great thing to hear, and I will be listening and watching closely to see what comes of this 'review'.

Police board revisits handling of ex-cops' corruption charges


“The Toronto Police board is going to talk Thursday about “issues” arising from the staying of corruption charges against a retired cop and the former head of the police union.

A Superior Court judge tossed out corruption charges in December against retired Det.-Const. William McCormack Jr., son of former Toronto Chief Bill McCormack, and Rick McIntosh, one-time head of the police union.

It was a last-minute addition to the board’s agenda.

Justice Bonnie Croll stayed the charges against the two men, ruling that their right to a fair trial had been breached by the Crown’s excessive delays.”
For those of you who've been passing by jackandcokewithalime, I'm sure you've heard my constant entries in regards to Police Corruption (including this example).  Here's the list in case you didn't:

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So believe me, I'm happy to finally hear that something positive is happening now.

Wow, first Giambrone drops out of the Mayoral Race, and now the Toronto Police Board is reviewing how these Corrupt Toronto Cops slipped through the Justice System's fingers...  I can't help but think that someone has been hearing me, you know!  ;)


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