Thursday, February 4, 2010

Slacking TTC Driver Suspended

A quick update to my previous post..

TTC driver caught on break suspended


As I suspected, the TTC has only suspended the Driver and not Fired him (yet)...

And lets see what he wins..... (drum role)..... A VACATION!!!  Congratulations TTC Driver, you have Won a Vacation for your poor poor performance in your job!!  Good for you!

"A TTC bus driver has been suspended after being caught on video taking late night breaks in a donut shop. The Amalgamated Transit Union confirmed Thursday that the driver on the 310 Blue Night bus, who was photographed by a frustrated passenger, has been relieved of his duties pending an internal investigation. The union said it would provide no further comment on the matter."
I know the suspension is temporary, pending an investigation... But, we all know how this will end.. He'll be back doing the same thing again in no time (just probably on another route). Or maybe he'll get to nap in a ticket booth. He's earned it! ;)


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