Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Vote for Shelley Carroll (for Mayor), is a Vote for New Taxes in Toronto...

You know, I wondered how Toronto City Councillor and Budget Chief Shelley Carroll would even have the guts to reconsider running for the Mayor of Toronto, after being the #1 person responsible for the new Toronto City Budget (the perfect example of a spend more but get less budget).

I came across this article today... It's a good one.

Tax and the city: T.O. seeks new revenue streams

"Carroll, who has long advocated in the face of heavy criticism for increased taxation powers for the city, said the solution to Toronto’s chronic cap-in-hand approach to the province for funding is giving the city more power over its own affairs and finances — and that means giving it new revenue tools, such as a sales tax or municipal income tax.

New Toronto homebuyers and drivers will remember the Land Transfer Tax and vehicle registration tax that came into effect in 2008.

Carroll called those two taxes — which account for only 2% of the city’s revenues — a baby step.

“It was very painful to go there in the first baby step ... towards what must eventually happen. The question is when,” she said.

“A sales tax ... and the payroll (municipal income) tax are models that somebody ought to look at in the City of Toronto,” she added."
Hopefully she won't end up running for Mayor, but if she does, you can expect pretty much the same type of Leadership from her as we got from Miller... Lately, many people are referring to Carroll as simply, "Miller with a skirt"... (Yes, I said "many people" ok?! Not me!!)

If you ask me, a better solution instead of adding new taxes for Torontonians, is to start putting Road Tolls on the borders of the city.  That way we can start getting some revenue from all of the people who come to work in the city everyday, and who get to use our roads and services for free...  Hitting those folks for $1 coming in, and $1 going out could save our city, and its residents!!  Not to mention create some badly needed jobs...  Just a thought...


PS: For more info on Shelley Carroll (including her pic), visit her page on the Toronto.ca website at (http://www.toronto.ca/councillors/carroll1.htm).

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