Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giambrone: Takes the Glory, but not the Blame

You know, whenever there's new Subways being created, or new bus routes being added, Adam Giambrone is all over it..

But when it comes time to take responsibility for the failures of the TTC, the TTC CHAIR says he has no control over the operations of the TTC and therefore isn't to blame for their failures..

You see, he's always there to Take the Glory, but never around to take the Blame..

I came across a story this morning about an interview with Giambrone, and his extremely defensive attitude when being questioned about his role in the failures at the TTC.


"You've got to be careful ... Take a look at the structure of the commission and see what the chair of the TTC does," he cautions. "The chair of the TTC is chair of the board of commissioners ... The commission is ultimately responsible for the policy; it hires the chief general manager and the chief general manager and staff are responsible for operations."

I'm sure you've all have heard the Leader lecture.. A Leader is responsible for the performance of his team. If the team fails, the Leader has failed. There is nothing more dispicable and disgraceful than a Leader ducking responsibility and blaming his team for his Failure.

I mean, the only thing people hate more than failure, is a person who doesn't take responsibility for his failure. Am I wrong?

At one point, he actually tried to justify his position by saying that he (the TTC Chair), and the Commissioners of the TTC, don't have to be experts on transit operations, as that's not their job..

"The board sets the fare, but in terms of how you implement it, the chair of the TTC board and the commissioners are not experts in transit operations – and they're not supposed to be."

Yes yes, Leaders who know nothing about what the company that they are leading does... That makes a lot of sense..

"Certainly I'm aware there are problems and will take them into account," he says. "But it was the first time there had never been tickets available and the TTC should have anticipated this would be an issue. That's their job."

Yes yes, "the TTC should have"... "That's their job"... Suddenly, he's no longer speaking for the TTC. It's their failure, not his.. How shameful..

Then, you've got the TTC Union Boss Bob Kinear saying:

"The head of the union that represents TTC workers says his members will “co-operate” with their employer in an effort to improve customer service "


Now maybe it's just me, but I would think that a Leader would at least have enough control over his employees that he wouldn't need their agreement for them to “co-operate” with his mandates..

And if you read further in that article, you will hear Bob Kinear claiming that his Union workers aren't to blame for the problems in the TTC either, as they have no say in anything..

It's beginning to seem like nobody is running anything or responsible for anything in the TTC...

Almost like a headless chicken running around and causing chaos... Without a proverbial 'head', no organization can run efficiently and correctly.

But as per Giambrone, the head of the TTC has no control over the TTC's operations.. That's not his job.

Anyway, moving on..

Obviously, George Smitherman is definitely Useless and Corrupt scum with eHealth and all of the other failures that happened under his watch. But I have to agree with some of the statements he made today in regards to Giambrone.


"Smitherman called for Giambrone's resignation yesterday, saying the 32-year-old councillor has been a bad leader and riders deserve better. "Transit in Toronto is a mess," Smitherman said in a news statement issued Monday. "It’s clear from their sorry record of inaction that the current leadership thinks mediocre is good enough.""

"Adam Giambrone's four years at the helm have demonstrated his complete inability to run a complex organization. Trains don't run on time - and even escalators in subway stations don't work,” Smitherman said Monday in a news statement. "I don't think people should have to tolerate another year of poor service while Adam puts his personal political ambitions ahead of the needs of riders - the TTC needs full-time leadership now more than ever."

Again, I hate Smitherman (pretty much equally with Giambrone), and I know obviously he's only saying this because he's running against him. But, you can't dispute one thing that he's saying because it's all true.

Now, just to throw one more thing in there before I wrap it up..

Aside from this complete failure at the TTC, Giambrone also has a dirty past involving threats and intimidation..

Do you all remember that infamous email that he sent out last year..

TTC chair apologizes after e-mail threat to neighbouring councillor


"Giambrone had been angered because Mr. Palacio helped a group in his ward in their bid to get a liquor licence for a Portuguese festival. In an e-mail dated Thursday (and distributed by Mr. Palacio yesterday), Mr. Giambrone wrote:

“Stop messing in my ward or there will be problems. I generally ignore your actions, but I am going to start looking for ways to cause trouble for you and when I start you’re not going to appreciate it.”"

"Stop messing in my ward or there will be problems"... eh Giambrone???
He's not going to appreciate the troubles you're going to cause for him... eh Giambrone???

It almost sounds like he works for the mob and his running collections..

"He maintained Mr. Giambrone has “absolutely” intimidated him in the past and that his staff are witnesses, so it would be “wise” for the integrity commissioner to pursue the investigation".

So, not only is he a USELESS leader, but he's also a CORRUPT USELESS Leader...

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Adam Giambrone is a Corrupt City Councilman, a Failure at the TTC, a Failure in his own ward (given by the protesters who were at this Mayoral Candidacy announcement, saying that he no longer cares about their ward) and a joke when it comes to politics in Toronto (go watch his Mayoral Promotion YouTube Video. It's such a horrible political disaster, that you're too shocked to even laugh..)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Adam Giambrone couldn't manage a little girl's tea party, let alone run an entire City like Toronto!

I would end this by telling him not to quit his day job, but, I do want him to quit his day job. I also want to him to fail horribly in the Mayoral race, and then disappear in shame never to be seen in Toronto ever again.

There's no time like the present for him to take up his Archaeological practice and disappear back to Yemen or Egypt or any place far far away..  At least the mummies can't complain about his failures...


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