Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada flattens Germany in the quest for Gold!! Bring on Russia!!

Didn’t I tell you to relax!! You all got so worked up for no reason…

Those poor, poor Germans… They got punished for a mistake that they didn’t even make! ;)

You know, it’s funny. We thought we got screwed by having to play this extra qualifying round game… But think of the Germans... When they found out that they would have to play Canada in the qualifying round, imagine how screwed they felt!!

Hey, I’ll give it to them. The score really should have been 22-0, but they actually did try to defend themselves, and even stole a couple of goals from us! Good for them! I started feeling bad for their goalie near the middle of the 3rd… I mean, isn’t the unspoken rule to pull the goalie after 5 goals? Poor guy…

Anyway, just as the crowd was chanting in the last few minutes of the game, “WE WANT RUSSIA! WE WANT RUSSIA!!”.

Canada is on a war path now, and Russia is next in the crosshairs. The Ovechkin-Crosby showdown that everyone in the hockey-loving world has been waiting for, is coming up tomorrow. And the stakes are as high as they can be! Ovechkin is definitely the best hockey player in the world right now (yeah, I said it Crosby fans!!), and he’s definitely going to be looking to crush Canada and Crosby tomorrow. I mean, you saw what he did to Jagr, right? That’s exactly what he wants to do to us… But we’ll survive. It won’t be easy, but we will overcome Russia. Why, you ask? Because it’s meant to be, that's why! You can’t stop destiny people, and Canada is destined for gold!


Some Random Thoughts that I had throughout the game today:

  • I heard the announcers mention that the All Time Top Scoring Canadian in the Olympics is Eric Lindros… Here are the Top 10 All Time Olympic Scorers for you, as well as the Top 10 All Time Canadian Olympic Scorers:

( and
  • Dany Heatley tries so hard to be our hero!! It seems that ever since that whole thing that went down with him a few years back (I won’t mention it, as I don’t want to ruin this positive moment for him), he’s been trying so hard to win back our favour. He’s definitely one of the best players in the league... I would love to have him in Toronto. SJ is lucky as hell to have scored him! And in that light, here are the Top 10 Scoring Leaders in Olympic Men’s Hockey so far (with Dany at the top):

  • Those Damn Shoddy Nets!!! Wow, that Shea Webber’s got a heroic shot!!! I mean, shattering the glass I’ve seen. But ripping the actual net!!! That’s some next level shit!
  • Iginla is an Allstar Capitalizer!! I mean, if you make a mistake, Iginla is going to make you pay every time!!!
  • Damn Timmy’s Commercials!! You know we’re either at home or at a bar, and don’t have a Tim Horton’s coffee in hand… So why must you taunt us!!! I was dying every time I saw that ‘commersh’... Yes yes.. I’m addicted… They should just call it crack! :)
  • How'd you like how CTV already had that Canada vs Russia Preview thingy ready to go as soon as the game was done!!  I guess they, like us, knew what the outcome was going to be!  ;)
  • Now tell me this, why is it that GMs in that booth up top, always have to act like they’re not happy or soooo serious, no matter what the score is?!! We’re winning like 10-0 (an obvious exaggeration), and Stevey Y is looking like we're about to be eliminated!!! Why?!! And you know he’s only doing it to look like a GM... That must be the rule when you become a GM. Whenever the game is in play, no matter what’s happening, you have to have a poker face.. ;) Am I wrong?
  • Lastly, I was wondering what the All Time Olympic Hockey Medals looked like, so here it is:


I’m soooo looking forward to tomorrow’s game against Russia!!!



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