Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada Owns the GOLDEN Podium! Does any other "Podium" even Matter?

No matter what anyone (hint hint USA) says about who the “winners” of these Olympics are, we all know who the TRUE champions are, and it’s not just us that feel that way.

Canada revels in record gold medal haul

"Canada has become the most successful ever hosts of a Winter Olympics after guaranteeing that they will finish top of the medals table in Vancouver.

With 13 golds, Canada has beaten the previous record - jointly held by the United States and Norway - of 10.

The vast majority of countries judge Olympic success on the basis of the number of golds won, but Canada and the US prefer to measure the total number of medals.

With 36 medals in all (9 gold, 14 silver and 13 bronze), the US comfortably beat any other nation on that measure. But Canada's 13 golds, three more than nearest rival Germany, ensure that most of the world view the hosts as the most successful team at the Games.

Canada's 13 golds match the achievements of USSR in Innsbruck in 1976 and Norway in Salt Lake City in 2002, but no host nation has ever managed to win so many events.

Canada still has the chance to bow out in a blaze of glory in the final of the men's ice hockey against the United States, while there is also the men's 50km cross country skiing to compete for on the last day of action."
Congratulations Canada!! You hosted the Olympics, and then you Championed them!!

All that remains now is to capture that highly sought after Gold in Men’s Hockey; the Crown Jewel of Gold Medals at the Winter Games. Team USA would love to pull off another Miracle by stopping us from adding the perfect garnish to a Golden Olympics.

We’ll see if they can do it, in a few minutes!

Good Luck Team Canada. You have the entire country behind you ‘with glowing hearts’. You are the True North Strong and Free!


(Images: (Canada Flag) (Vancouver 2010 Medals))

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