Saturday, February 6, 2010

Toronto's Rich & Gay Enable Further McGuinty Corruption

With the Toronto City Centre by-election completed and Dalton McGuinty's puppet -I mean candidate- Glen Murray victorious, once again we see how Torontonians are just clueless when it comes to voting...

The Toronto City Centre riding which includes the Gay Village and Affluent Rosedale, voted Murray in with 12,327 of the 25,848 votes (or 47%).

(Hence the Rich & Gay part of the title)...
Here's the story:

Glen Murray hangs on to Toronto Centre for Liberals


"Voters in Toronto Centre handed Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals a hard-won victory, electing star candidate Glen Murray in Thursday’s by-election.."

“Toronto Centre sent a message tonight,” a jubilant Murray
Yes yes, they sure did... They voted in a man who's lived in Toronto for barely 6 years, and can't truly know the issues in the City. A man who McGuinty had to silence because everytime he spoke, we saw how much of a puppet he really is.

About a week ago, Murray had the following things to say about the feelings and opinions of Torontonians:

"In the Liberal camp, Murray says he only hears about the HST "in one in 100 people". Other issues are more pressing, especially health issues affecting the large gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered population in the riding. "[Like] the reassignment surgery for transgendered people in this community is a huge issue", he said.
So, hmm... 2 issues in comparison here:

1. The HST - a new tax enhancement that's going to take so much more money from the people and make lives that much harder in a time of tough economic crisis.


2. Sex Change Operations for the Gay and Transgendered.. (Something that is specific to a tiny amount of the population, literally a minority of a minority of the minority)..

I wonder which issue is more important to Torontonians... What do you think??

Or how about this one:

"Murray says the eHealth boondoggle is only an issue for those people who believe it’s taking too long to get electronic health records on line."
Oh yes, they're more concerned about the eHealth timelines, rather than the fact that the McGuinty Government has flushed $1 Billion down the drain in eHealth through Corruption and Un-Ethical practices..

Sounds exactly like McGuinty in that manipulative 'telling us what we're thinking' mode...

This guy has put more feet in his mouth than Toronto would've with 2 city marathons!!

Anyway, McGuinty has plans for Glen Murray and that's why he brought him in. He needs to retain that seat in his cabinet for another puppet.

"Some insiders suggest Murray will be a likely candidate for Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet.“

“If you are in his (McGuinty’s) cabinet, you are going to do what the boss says, so essentially if you are voting for a Liberal candidate here, you are voting for the boss.“
And that's exactly what's going on in this case.

So, given that Murray is being groomed to be the next new Puppet for McGuinty, McGuinty had to put a stop to his stupidity right away, silencing the man in the prime-time of his campaign.
“Sources said it was McGuinty’s aides who ordered Murray to duck a televised debate last week on TVO’s The Agenda With Steve Paikin. They calculated the Liberal candidate had much more to lose than to gain by appearing on the program, which is broadcast province-wide.“
Exactly. Just shut him up, and let the voters vote. They vote Liberal regardless of McGuinty's track record, his candidate, what Murray says or what he believes... Just blind voting in the name of Partisanship.

Well Toronto, as much as I hate to say it, you deserve McGuinty and his rag-tag group of Corrupt and Useless Cronies. They continue to screw you over and over and over (see my blog entry Dalton McGuinty is burying Ontario for more info on this), and yet you still support them.

You continue to make your beds, and you continue to lie in them... Regardless of the fact that you have nightmares every night in that bed, you get severe back pain from that bed, you get stabbed in the back by the springs in that bed, and yet when presented with an option for a new bed, you stick with the same one..

Sounds like Toronto to me!


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